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Helicopter flight model

killertowfookillertowfoo Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Is there any plan on reverting or improving the flight model?

The 2.0 flight model changes rendered helicopters mostly useless. 90% of games I play the helicopters are either not used, crash enroute, or are shot down when attempting to land or hover. Most players would rather run 10 minutes than jump in a helicopter.


  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 35 ★★

    I disagree.

  • IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 29
    edited March 2022

    I do not agree, Heli can fly well if you have hands.

    I agree to increase the maximum speed of the helicopter.

  • killertowfookillertowfoo Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    There's also the issue with how immersion breaking it is to watch how helicopters fly in 2.0. Just watching a uh60 land is insanely unrealistic now. There isn't a video in existence of RL helicopters behaving the way they do in 2.0. You can practice to get better at it, but if it's neither realistic or easy, what makes it a good model?

  • NowhereNowhere Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    edited May 2022

    It would be nice if you could keep the collective snapped to 45% when the helicopter is not in a landed state. That way, once you take off, it remains at hover until you press the keys to either increase or decrease collective. Letting go of the keys would snap it back to 45 while in flight. Once you are on the ground and the chopper switches to a landed state, it could snap the collective to zero.

    Sort of like how it works with the basic flight model in arma.

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