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Looking for mature clan!

Meathead32 Meathead32 Member Posts: 2 Civilian

I've been playing the battlfield game series for 20 years and I've walked away and im looking for a new adventure for many years to come! I only have limited time with Squad but I'm floored by it just like I was when I first played Battlefield 1942 many moons ago! Looking forward to getting responses back from you guys! Thanks for your time boys and hope to see you guys on the Battlefield!


  • FORCEFORCE Member Posts: 13

    Feel free to add me on Discord for a chat, [CRC] FORCE#9392

  • Aboalfa29th IDAboalfa29th ID Member Posts: 17 ★★

    Hi there! go a head and add me in discord. i would love to recruit you in to the 29th ID

    Discord: SimpPolice#3090

    Recruiter **PFC Aboalfa**

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