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V2.14 ADS Blur

DigiDigi Member Posts: 1 Civilian

The "fix" for ADS blur just makes the game look absolutely awful when zooming.

It does nothing but make it a worse experience, harder to actually play the game, and by far the least realistic thing I've seen done in this game. It just makes me feel like I'm going crosseyed. I understand there was a reason for adding it, but it was done very poorly.


  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 142 ★★

    Its a fix for something that really wasn't an issue in the first place. On paper it sounds great but it "fixed" something that didn't make a big difference.

  • crazycowcrazycow Member Posts: 12

    Just finished playing a few rounds for the first time since this was introduced and it is nauseatingly bad. There are a lot of changes that I disagreed with when they were implemented, but learned to live with over time. This is not one of them, please consider rolling back this "fix" or approaching it a different way. I know the devs don't really read their forums or play their game, because if they had played even one full round of squad with this change they would have noticed how jarring it is.

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