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Lag Compensation and Extrapolation

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(Suggestion)(Bit of a rant)

780hrs of Squad

Haven't gotten around in asking the question i kept from the first hour of the game, and its related with PR.

In Project Reality, i could tweak around with lag compensation so i could say i have some background knowledge on what is happening to most of the firefights i participated in, in game.

I could undertstand how a low ping player can kill me around the corner, with inhuman reflexes; like in the range of 10-40ms, from target acquistion, movement of the mouse and keyboard to align the gun, and the left clicking itself; this all just boils down to the difference between what i see in my screen and what he sees on his screen. The low ping player can see me first before i see him first, because it takes time for the information on his location in game to be brought to my screen... cough peeker's cough advantage cough

What i dont understand is how i cant do the same thing to him... it feels like the game "extrapolates" my character's movement in order for the game to negate my "peeker's advantage"... An example of this happening, is when i pie the corner moving only in inches to the right... but because of extrapolation, the server will place my character 1-2 feet more to the right (this doesnt mean my screen will stop 1-2 feet more to the right, this will just reflect only on the screen of others and the server) and if i stop the game will stop extrapolating and will bring it back to where i see my self in the screen, but in the moment of me using the movement key to pie the corner, the image of my character appearing 1-2 feet out of the corner will appear for everyone to look at and shoot.

A suggestion would be maybe enable us to tweak our lag compensation (if there is any)...

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