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CD | Collateral Damage | New Player Friendly | discord.io/collateraldamage

DoeJoeDoeJoe Member Posts: 1 Civilian

1. General Values & Expectations

  1. Collateral Damage aims to create a respectful community that is welcoming of all players, new or experienced.
  2. Players are expected to maintain good sportsmanship and to foster a culture of teamwork and cooperation.
  3. Players are expected to foster a fair and helpful learning environment for new and inexperienced players.
  4. Players and admins are expected to respect the rules and each other, and to act with integrity both in-game and out.

2. Administration

  1. Admins have the authority to investigate rule infractions as well as to interpret and enforce the rules in order to protect Collateral Damage’s general values and expectations.
  2. Admins reserve the right to take action based on Collateral Damage’s kick-ban matrix on any tags or names that are considered offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise incompatible with the values of the community.
  3. All players are expected to cooperate when an admin issues a warning. Any concerns regarding the rules can be brought up in an admin ticket in the CD Discord.
  4. Discussion of rules and bans should only be kept to the appropriate channels in Discord.
  5. Collateral Damage staff may add, remove, edit, or otherwise update these rules at any time with notice to the community via the CD Discord.
  6. English is the official language of server administration.
  7. Video, picture, screenshot, audio, or other evidence is required to take immediate administrative action. 

3. General Rules (apply to both game and Discord servers)

  1. No hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) or personal attacks. This includes player names, squad names, and clan tags
  2. No toxicity, trolling, griefing, or similar behavior with the intention of harming the integrity of the server, community, or playerbase. 
  3. Riding the line between the rules/playing in the gray area falls under this rule.
  4. Excessive admin pings/DMs will not be tolerated.
  5. No advertisement, promotion, or recruiting for other servers or clans without prior approval.
  6. Impersonation of Collateral Damage or OWI staff is prohibited.

4. Gameplay Rules

  1. No use of cheats, glitches, or exploits.
  2. No ghosting (defined as providing/gaining information in-game that you would not otherwise have), stream sniping, or similar behavior.
  3. No main camping. Main camping is defined as engaging assets by any available means while having a sightline directly to main or a route out of main before those assets could reasonably affect the course of the game. Admins will examine main camping on a case-by-case basis.
  4. No intentional teamkilling is allowed. All TKs must be apologized for in all chat. Retaliation is not permitted.
  5. Vehicle Rules
  6. Vehicles requiring a crewman kit are limited to one per squad.
  7. Vehicle claim priority goes to squads who name themselves after a specific vehicle type (Specific Vehicle Type > Armor > Infantry). Squads in the same tier may claim vehicles on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  8. Communications
  9. No arguing in text chat.
  10. No chat or microphone spam, especially during staging.
  11. No debating the rules in-game.
  12. Squad Rules
  13. Squad Leaders must have an SL kit, a microphone, and be able to speak English. SLs are likewise expected to cooperate and coordinate with their team.
  14. If you make a squad, you are expected to lead it. Making a squad to claim a desired role, to pass it off to another player, or to leave immediately afterwards is not allowed.
  15. No abusive or offensive squad names (see Rule 3.1).
  16. SLs may kick from a squad for any reason. Retaliation is not acceptable.
  17. One-man locked squads are only allowed for helicopters and vehicles that do not require a crewman kit.
  18. No asset wasting. This includes heli ramming, using vehicles as a one-way transport for yourself, intentionally driving vehicles into deep water/off the map, intentionally abandoning still-useable vehicles, or using the unarmed kit.
  19. Players are encouraged to play the active objective. Not doing so may result in a kick.
  20. Admins may ask for players or groups of players to switch sides or switch players to improve balance of gameplay when one team is “rolling.”

5. Seeding Rules

  1. Fight over the middle cap only. In the case that there are an even number of caps, the two middle caps are considered active.
  2. No FOBs or HABs directly on the active caps. Fortifications are permitted on cap.
  3. Do not attack enemy HABs during seeding.
  4. No weapon emplacements permitted during seeding or after calling live.
  5. No armed vehicles during seeding.
  6. Admin will call when the server is live.
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