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Game is incredibly blurry/ ghosting effects

Chunky MonkeyChunky Monkey Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Can OWI pleasee fix the AA in the game, it seems that no matter the settings I put or the AA options, my game is incredibly blurry from 100m out and the ghosting is so annoying. I have tried changing my settings plenty of times but I just cannot seem to fix it. Please help.


  • RUNNY KUMARIRUNNY KUMARI Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Im having some problems with Ghosting and fuzzy textures in some games. Any idea whats causing it? Grass and shadows appear fuzzy and almost checkerboard like as well. Doesn't happen in all games. Any help would be great.

  • FR_SPΛRTΛNFR_SPΛRTΛN Member Posts: 11 Civilian

    Hi mates !

    Follow this up-to-date complete graphics settings guide, this may help you 😉

    [sorry cant post a link due to forum rules 😐️ => search on Youtube for : "Complete Graphics Settings Guide for Squad V3 2022 | Max FPS, Fix Blobby Textures and Blurry Sights" by MoiDawg]

    Don't forget that a part of the problems you encounter might be depending on your hardware too... (AMD/Intel etc.) as stated in the video.

    Good luck !

    And cya on the battlefield


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