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Just a small question about updates.

ytilaeRytilaeR Member Posts: 1 Civilian

First post on the forum so apoligies if this isn't in the correct thread/discussion.

I'm just curious about the updates on Steam. The actual downloading of an update, as with any other game, is rather quick. However upon reaching 100%, Squad takes quite a while during the "Patching" phase of updating. This isn't a complaint or a support related question, I'm just curious as to why this happens as I don't see this happen with any other games on Steam. If there's a technical reason for this happening I'd love to hear about it. It seems like there is something more that just integrity verfication going on behind the scenes.

In my opinion, Squad is well worth the wait and I've been more than happy with the state of the game even from launch. Y'all have got a gem here, keep up the work guys, this game has come so far and is amazing fun. No complaints :)



  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★

    I'm guessing they had to replace a tree or something that's used in every map(or vast majority) and thus had to unpack all of the maps and put that tree in, then repack it all.

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