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Community servers

OWI_JennyOWI_Jenny United KingdomMember Posts: 18 Dev

List of community servers, enabling players to give feedback and find communities to play squad with


  • BdaballaBdaballa Member Posts: 0 Civilian

    Server Name : [OS] OneShot Gaming | Learning Friendly

    Region : NA

  • Fox_PSG_HostingFox_PSG_Hosting Member Posts: 12 ★★

    Server Name: [PSG] #1 Learning Friendly | Active Admins

    [PSG] West Coast Learning Friendly | Active Admins (currently Galactic Contention)

    Region: NA

    Discord Link:

  • RobinLolligRobinLollig NetherlandsMember Posts: 1 Civilian

    Server name: =WFT= We Fight Together [EU][NL] | Dutch Community WFTCLAN.NL #1

    Region: EU

    Link to Discord:

  • AMMARAMMAR Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    SERVER NAME : [7TB] New player friendly | Eng/Arabic++


    DISCORD : dT3sE6mRan

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