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OWI, please encourage Server-owners to reward squadleaders!

Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 61 ★★

Currently it's nearly impossible to play Squad without being a Squadleader yourself (since often, ALL Squads are full or locked!!! So you have to create a new Squad...) And what fun is it to lead a Squad of players who don't follow your orders and not even be rewarded by OWI or by the server-owner for having created a Squad? (some Squad-wide OWI-reward-system, or at least one whitelisting slot for example. Although that isn't even enough compensation imo for ""leading"" a Squad full of players who don't follow your orders...)


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 311 ★★

    HLL system of "+1" at round end screen would be fine.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 121 ★★

    I'd say that its a great idea. Regular squad leaders are the backbone of any healthy server. Servers ought to be doing everything they can to keep quality players playing on their server and whitelisting is a great way to do it. You want folks to kinda find a community and stick to it rather than migrate around searching for the good matches.

    I'd honestly be surprised if a few servers weren't already doing this sort of thing but there definitely needs to be more of them.

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