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Squad v2.11 Tournament Branch

Attention Squaddies! 

With the launch of v2.12 we know that changes in this update may affect community tournaments that are currently in critical stages of their competition. To ensure that these events can carry on without any hiccups we have decided to create a tournament branch. 

The tournament branch will contain the v2.11 build so participants can continue to compete in a contained environment for the remainder of the competition. 

To get onto the v2.11 tournament branch players must update their game to v2.12. Then go to the BETAS tab in the Steam Properties menu of Squad. When in the BETAS tab select the tournament branch from the drop down menu. One you launch the game you should be in build v2.11.

Installing the branch onto a server is a tad more complicated. 

  1. Set the server branch to: squad_tournament
  2. Set the beta branch password to: sqtournament by adding -beta squad_tournament -betapassword sqtournament to the server update script. 

At ease,

Offworld Industries

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