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SL local command coms/radio

red-mossred-moss Member Posts: 3 Civilian

I've been Squad leading for 11 years, from PR to Squad. The biggest turn over I've seen from new players often comes from one of two things. The learning curve and the knowledge of just how deep the game can get.

I recommend we let players who are in very close proximity to SL's hear a low filtered staticky and muffled background audio of the LS "direct" and "Command" coms. We should help players have a better understanding as to what their SLs are doing, and give them a path to step up and lead.



  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 142 ★★

    I'd be all for players hearing you in local when you are speaking on either of the radio channels. This is one of those little immersive elements that would be pretty cool to see.

    As to keeping your squad filled in with what is happening behind the scenes, I've noticed that it really helps to use down time to update the squad on what the other squads are doing. Something that I've found is that many players are much more likely to keep with a plan if they know the "why" to that plan in addition to the "what".

    What I wonder is if there is any way to encourage the "strategic" big picture thinking that SL's have to do in some manner with non squad leaders. Usually there isn't much incentive to go much further than to just follow the green circle, go to the move mark, and shoot bad guys. I think that is what is really screwing all the folks who get forced into playing SL. They've never had to go much beyond follow the leader.

  • red-mossred-moss Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    When I first started Squad leading one of the biggest concerns I had was trying to avoid saying something embarrassing to the other SL's that would make it harder for them to work with me. And by extension all the guys in my squad also yelling, and getting frustrated. I didn't know common edict for communication. As a regular soldier all the Squad Leaders mite tell us their plans or explain what was happing in the bug picture. But there really was no way to learn squad leading other than just Stepping into the fire and getting yelled at over, and over for weeks until you got a chance to fill in the missing dots from herring all the command coms. Or on a rare accession you could here the back ground sounds of the other SLs talking when there speakers were to loud.

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