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⚜ NoD [ENG] | https://discord.gg/nod-community

SgtJasper1SgtJasper1 Member Posts: 1 Civilian


1.1 | You cannot be within 300 meters of the opposing teams base, unless the final cap is within the exclusion radius you cannot push beyond that cap.

1.2 | No intentional wasting of assets.

1.3 | All players must join a squad.

1.4 | Only NoD may recruit players on the NoD server.

1.5 | Clans may be asked to switch teams at any time to maintain the balance of the server, and therefore should do so when requested.


2.1 | Racist, sexist, homophobic, hateful or grossly offensive content/behavior will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

2.2 | All players, including NoD members & staff, are to be treated with respect in both voice and text chat (this includes defamation/slander).

2.3 | Hacking, glitching and abusing unintended mechanics (ie. glitching radios) is prohibited.

2.4 | No excessive spamming of voice and text.

2.5 | Intentional teamkilling, for any reason, is not allowed.

2.6 | All player names should be pronounceable in the server language (English).


3.1 | Players who create a squad must lead it.

3.2 | All Squad Leaders are required to have an SL kit and must be communicating with other Squad Leaders in English.

3.3 | NoD is an English speaking server - squad leaders must communicate in English.

3.4 | Four or more players are required to lock a squad - there are exceptions for specialist squads (e.g. mortars) and vehicle squads.

3.5 | Squad Leaders must play the objective.


4.1 | Vehicles requiring two crewman kits must be 2 manned with crewman kits at all times.

4.2 | Squads named after specific vehicles (e.g. BTR-82, MBT, Warrior, CTAS, Stryker) will take claimed over said vehicle.

4.3 | Staying AFK in main, not being in main, not having enough people to man the vehicle, etc. will void your claim over said vehicle.

4.4 | You can claim multiple vehicles at once (Bradley/MBT), but if any other squad wants one of these vehicles you must pick one.

4.5 | Heli squads are restricted to max 3 players, and must have a pilot kit.


S.1 | Do not advance beyond the red arrows on the map.

S.2 | You may place one FOB that is at least 200m away from the active objective, Except on Territory control.

S.3 | Fight only for the middlemost flag by capping and holding, not advancing to the next flag.

S.4 | The use of armed vehicles is not allowed.

S.5 | Heli’s are not permitted during seeding phase.

S.6 | Weapon emplacements are not allowed.

Any ingame help can be done through the "!admin" command or through a ticket on our discord.



  • Malware_KaamosMalware_Kaamos Member Posts: 2 ★★

    Discord link changed.

    Main link: Discord.gg/nodsquad

    Alternatively through a re-director (Paste to your address bar) Discord.io/Nod-Squad

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