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[BaD] - Broken As Designed Server Rules !! Updated!!

EpinephrineEpinephrine Member Posts: 1

[BaD] Broken As Designed Server Rules

Seeding rules.

- No enemy fob camping

- Place your fobs behind/on your side of the seeding point

- No vehicle weapons

- No emplacements

- No pushing past specified fight points

- Server remains under seed rules until admin calls it live (arbitrary player count)

- No fortification in or around the center fighting point during seeding

Squad Server Rules:

- Apologize for all TK's in all chat default (J).

- No squad leading without the Squad Leader/Lead Crewman/Lead Pilot kit.

- SL's must have a mic and must communicate with their fellow SL's.

- All players must follow Squad leader and Commander orders.

- No religious/controversial/political usernames or squad names.

- You may be a one-man locked squad only if: You're a Logistic Truck/Helicopter/BDRM/MRAP & use them to help the team.

- You may be a two-man locked squad only if: You're a crewman vehicle squad (Tank/BTR/Stryker/Lav).

- No making squads and then immediately passing SL to someone else.

- Do not pass off the squad leader role without permission, disband it if no one takes it

- Do not lock a squad with less than four players; role-specific squads may be locked at smaller sizes (e.g., solo Heli pilot, mortar teams)

- No Heli ramming.

- Do not waste your teams assets

- No camping, mining enemy main base

- Do not carry [BaD] tags if you are not a part of Broken As Designed

- Do not exploit in game bugs/glitches.

- Do not ping admins within the Discord or within the game without a valid reason.

-Using !Admin (message) will send a message to all online admins as well as offline.

- Ban Appeals can be sent at www.BrokenDiscord.com Once joined navigate to the Help-Desk to create a ban appeal ticket.

- No toxic behavior (belligerency, voice/chat spamming, racism), you will get kicked/banned.

- No Racism, Bigotry, Bullying.

- No religious, controversial, or political discussions.

- English is our priority language. This is to promote a good ingame culture/experience.

- All player names must include alphanumeric characters. Players that join with names that do not include alphanumeric characters will be removed from the server and advised to fix their name.

Vehicle specific rules

- Vehicle assets are reserved first come first serve based on squad name

- You may sit in a vehicle to wait for your secondary crewman to arrive, but if said crewman does not make an active effort to get into the vehicle you may be asked to leave it if another Squad has the possibility to use it.

- Do not take vehicles from other Squads if you did not receive permission to take said vehicle from the Squad which was using it (unless they're far away/abandoned it/have no use for it anymore), if found doing so you may be removed from the server.

- Abandoning a vehicle out in the middle of nowhere may find you being removed from the server, please always park/abandon vehicles near friendly FOBs.

Warning/Kicks for any of the following:

- Bad Language

- Spamming

- Abusive or offensive names

- Team Killing

- Not joining a squad

- Not following admin orders

Bans will be given for the following:

- Intentional Teamkilling

- Racism

- Hacking

- Ignoring warnings and kicks

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