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Thank you OWI for making FOB spam again

3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 64 ★★

Just a tip of the hat to OWI for making spamming FOBs with nothing but a hab and an ammo crate the best way to win a game instead of building something useful. I created a screengrab for your enjoyment but can't include it here, but it was glorious spam. We were on RAAS Mutaha and our team had 11 fobs down on that fairly small map. We were able to spawn transport ALLL over the map in glorious fashion to absolutely destroy the enemy. If it weren't for OWI making this possible, I just don't know how I could have teleported so quickly. Thanks OWI, for Making FOB Spam Again!


  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 64 ★★

    I had another wonderful FOB spam game! We had them speckled all over the map, which allowed us to dominate the entire game.

    If OWI hadn't made the cost of sand bags, razor wire, emplacements, etc so expensive (not just build cost, but time to dig and ammo cost) and if they weren't so easy to destroy via mortars, we never could have enjoyed the FOB spam! If FOBs were actually defensible, the team would have spent more time building a few super fobs and defending them instead of the joy of spamming undefended HABs and ammo crates all over the map. I mean, when you have 10+ FOBs on the map, why guard a FOB? Let them take it down, we have spares! If you destroy it, we will deploy it!

    So thank you again OWI, for Making FOB Spam Again. If you actually made the buildables more varied, cheaper, quicker to dig and less susceptible to mortar fire, I never would have enjoyed seeing a map littered with spawn points.

    And, and one other little gem that you just hit outta the park... The -60 ticket/min ticket bleed. Wow, where would a game be if we didn't have that, right? I mean, the other team might have a fighting chance, but by building in a -60 ticket/min bleed out system, you have successfully enabled the other team to literally give up the fight and hate playing as there is no way to recover from that big of a loss. Makes me wonder, perhaps instead of a -60 ticket bleed, could you just have the game end immediately if the enemies last point is captured? Then we could just end the destruction even faster and really make the other team hate playing even more and then leave a server so that nobody can play! After all, who in their right mind enjoys a good come-back game that keeps servers full???? NOT ME... I like to see servers emptied out because we spammed FOBs everywhere and then the other team hit -60 tickets/min bleed and left the server out of complete frustration! WOO HOO BABY, that's my kind of game!

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 181 ★★

    That's what they get for not limiting number of fobs.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 64 ★★

    That's what they get for not limiting number of fobs.

    There is another way than just limiting fobs. Instead, they could make the cost to build things cheaper, and the cost to dig them cheaper (ie. instead of like 10 shovel digs for something, make it 5), and then they could make them a little less likely to get blown up by mortars, and get rid of the retarded proxy system to disable a FOB.

    People LIKE to build things, but when the build cost is high, and the ability to destroy them is easy (mortars and proxy system,) it's just not worth it. FOB spam is the result of it not being worth the cost to build up a FOB from a defensive perspective because they are so easily taken down. If OWI will make the system reward SL's that actually build up fewer FOB's, then we'll see FOB spam go down. Until then, the best way to win a battle is to spam.

    OWI, please...

    1) Reduce build costs on items. Sandbags and razor wire should NOT cost 50 build points. Razor wire should be like 10 build points.

    2) Reduce the time for shovels to build items. Razor wire should NOT take 7 shovels. Razor wire is meant to be rapid deployment protection, not the same shovel time as a sandbag line (which also takes too long to shovel.)

    3) Reduce the impact of mortars on all this stuff. I realize mortars should be able to blow things to pieces, but there needs to be a bit of balance here. It takes soooo long to build stuff up, only to see it all destroyed with like 4 well placed mortars that it makes it not worth it.

    4) Get rid of the stupid proxy system to disable a HAB. I still don't get the purpose of this? So what if my team wants to turn it into a meat grinder where we just keep tossing bodies at it and dying, that's OUR choice if we feel the HAB is worth trying to save! The proxy system alone is probably the greatest reason for FOB spam because it allows the enemy to take down a FOB with hardly any effort. Get a few guys close enough, sit and pick off the remaining enemies while the HAB is disabled, then move in with literally ZERO resistance. I mean, come on, that is just ridiculous. I have guided a team of bandits all over the map that has done nothing but destroy FOBs. As soon as the enemy has nowhere to spawn, and we have FOBs spammed all over the map, the game is over, especially with that equally stupid ticket bleed system. You have basically designed a system that once the scale has been tipped slightly, there is NO coming back, and it's easy to tip if you are a good SL that knows how to exploit all this stuff.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 181 ★★
    edited January 24

    Reducing the cost means too much bs pulled from a pickup truck.

    If you want to make them easy to build then they will have to be even easier to destroy.

    Mortar needs to be much less accurate in general but that's a different issue(even without mortar, there is airstrike).

    Getting rid of proxy is the dumbest thing I ever heard; it needs more work such as making rally only last 60s but getting rid of proxy is entirely backwards and does nothing to solve the fob-spam issue(you made them more powerful -> they will get spammed more and defenses are even less useful).

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 90 ★★

    This. FOB spam is the result of the FOB being a semi permanent spawn that is capable of moving entire teams. You don't nerf it by making it even harder to kill.

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