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The 6th Airborne Division

WhyPhyWhyPhy Member Posts: 16 ★★

💂 The 6th Airborne Division 💂

Who is the 6thAB?

• Mil SIM EU 🌍️ server

• International players

• 50+ active players

What do we offer? ⚔️

• Clan vs Clan matches

• Fixed training days (Tuesday and Sunday at 7:30pm UK time)

• Specialised training (infantry, vehicles, Logistics, ...)

Who are we looking for?

• Loyal players who are able to join every Sunday at 8pm UK time

• New or Veteran players

• 18+ (16+ if they show maturity. If you are younger, we gladly help you find another group!)

❓️ Any questions? Feel free to join and ask any questions! ❓️

Join now!


  • WhyPhyWhyPhy Member Posts: 16 ★★

    The 6th Airborne Division organises trainings each Tuesday. The goal of these trainings is to engage new and veteran players in a specific aspect of the game. Last week Tuesday, we focused on MGs, Anti-tank and clearing rooms.

    Interested in joining one of these trainings? Join the 6thAB now!

  • BuzwellBuzwell Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Just want to add, I've been in this clan for some time now & I'm really enjoying the vibe given off! Would recommend that you join us all,

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