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I'm having a bug

CRISPRCRISPR Member Posts: 1 Civilian

When I start game and gaming in battlefield, My scoreboard is keep blinking on the screen.

I can't control myself or very hardly, so I cant play game. It does when i touch my mouse(controller).

Would you mention me and please fix this damn bug.

Actually, I have special friendship with this game because I've done this about 2 years ago but I couldnt play anymore because of my role, student.

Please, fix this bug...


  • LindsayLindsay Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    So, every time someone tries to talk in game chat it stutters and glitches and has practically made playing impossible. I continually get kicked from squads and everything because of it. I've done everything I can think of including reinstalling the game and updating drivers, but the problem continues. please help.

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