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AAS Objective Cap Zones - TC Hex mechanic on each objective

Wookie404Wookie404 Member Posts: 6 Civilian

My suggestion is to take the territory control hex concept and scale them down a bit to use as the capture zone for each objective, instead of one zone as the cap radius have the objective represented by 4 zones/hexes, w/ 3 out of 4 taken to begin flipping the point.


Currently the objective capture zones are just sort of random in size and scale, without a lot of transparency for anyone on whether they are in or out of the zone outside the little flag in the top right. The game needs a lot more transparency on the mechanics that win/lose games overall and this would help bridge that gap a bit.

The other downside to the current system is that you can have an enemy that occupies most of the objective, but on certain objectives you can "cheese" it by overloading one small part of the point.

This also helps with the cat herding a bit, if you've flipped 3 out of 4 points the objective will start to be captured without the need to yell at folks to stay on the point.


  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 90 ★★

    I'd be interested in how something like this might play out. I could easily see it encouraging folks to play to the game a bit more than playing to the mechanics. The only thing I'd really worry about is making sure that the hexes aren't so numerous or spread apart that you'd have to really split the squad up to control an area.

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