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HAT reload bug

SwissSwiss Member Posts: 1 Civilian


I've experienced a bug when reloading HAT kit rockets. The reload animation plays but the weapon is not loaded and cannot fire. Pressing the reload key before, during, or after the animation has no effect. Attempting to fire after the animation plays a dead-man's click sound effect (pulling the trigger on an empty weapon).

Here is a video of the bug in question:

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I start the clip with no ammo for my HAT launcher, but with the HEAT round currently 'equipped'. I resupply both HEAT and tandem from a logistics truck and switch to the tandem round. The reload animation plays but note the magazine indicator on the bottom right showing the weapon as unloaded. I attempt to fire, and when that fails, I press the reload key which has no effect. I re-equip the tandem round and the reload animation plays, but again, this does not load the weapon. I attempt to fire, fail, and switch to a HEAT round which does load.

This game was played on Yehorivka RAAS V1 on the US team

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