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vehicle issues

rkccs257rkccs257 Member Posts: 2 Civilian
edited November 2021 in Feedback & Suggestions

Hi devs,

I really love the game, it's really fun but sometimes can be very upsetting, especially regarding to vehicle drivability, bugs, and environment.

For example, the insurgents/middle east forces trucks/jeeps are basically super drift happy, like they're driving on zero tread tires on ice. This can be fun and all, but I think somewhat unrealistic imho. I can hear EuroBeat and Tokyo Drift songs whenever I go around a corner.

The Russian logi trucks: this guy before all the major updates were invincible, it could not flip over, and it was really fun to drift in them. Now, even a little turn will flip this guy over onto its side. it's too top heavy. How come this isn't the same for the other logi trucks? The British logis are now the best, both in acceleration and handling, def not easy to flip over. Can you balance these trucks out?

the pebbles if you can call it haha. These little buggers, once you slightly run them over, will put the logi in a twisty roller coaster for at least several 100 yards.

the skinny trees in several map. IMHO, a tank, or actually any armored vehicles should be able to roll them over easily. I find it funny that a tank, an unstoppable force, is stopped easily by a skinny little tree. It's very comedic actually, but annoying when you're cruising through bushes here and there then one lone skinny tree put a lock on them treads. Even the wooden fences can stop a tank/armor/tapv/tiger/logi.

Can you please take a look into these issues? Thanks! the game has been fun!

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