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Grabbing ammo from vehicle

HanddukenHandduken Member Posts: 5 Civilian
edited November 22 in General

I think you should be able to grab ammo from a vehicle without claiming it, or requesting a claim to you SL. Maybe have a claim button in the radial menu? That'd be cool!

Anyway, amazing game, keep it up OWI!


  • MandoFlippMandoFlipp Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Yes, i am agree with you, it s an amazing game.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 75 ★★

    Making the claim button a part of the radial menu rather than just the interact key would be a great way to go about it. The load/unload buttons could be greyed out for those who aren't part of the claiming squad to keep some of that same functionality.

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