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Swedish Armed Forces - New faction?

HanddukenHandduken Member Posts: 6 Civilian

I know you're already working on the Aussies and Panasia and USMC and new features and such, but I'd love Sweden as a faction.

Sweden's natural enemy would be Russia, in Sweden, or maybe irregular or something, in UN situations. Sweden is just a bit different from the current factions and I think they'd fit in well! Thay have some vehicles that are already in the game, such as UH60 and Leopard (although modified). There are also some Swedish weapons already in the game, such as the Carl Gustav, AT4 , or the NLAW.

I think Sweden would be a great addition, because they are special in a way, while still fitting in really good. They also have lots of their own vehicles, which would be a dream to drive, such as the IFV cv90 and the APC Bandvagn 410. That one is worth looking into, in my opinion!

Thank you devs for the awesome game, and Merry Christmas I guess?


  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 137 ★★

    If I am not mistaken, I believe that there was a Swedish faction mod in the works quite a while ago. I haven't heard anything about it, so who knows what state it is in, if it is still even being developed. Because of that, I doubt that the developers will be devoting any resources towards creating their own version. That said, if the mod is still being developed, and it eventually gets released, I'm pretty sure the developers would be more than willing to release it as a DLC faction, much in the fashion of the Canadian forces DLC or the Aussie faction that is coming in the future.

  • HanddukenHandduken Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    I know. They started working on the mod, adding like a couple of weapons, and changing a couple of skins. That’s it though. Currently it doesn’t work. Since it’s like an old version and it’s kind of abandoned.

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