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[TAW] - The Art of Warfare - Looking for ACTIVE EU/NA Players!

TAW_ChrisTAW_Chris Member Posts: 1

[TAW] - The Art of Warfare is a community with over 1200 members of various ages and nationalities! We’ve been around for a little over 20 years and today we are maintaining over 30 games! Everyone is welcome in our community! NA or EU we've got a battalion for both, with 3 events per week for each.


• You must be 16+ to join TAW.

• A working microphone is essential.

• TAW is not a short-term clan to play with once or twice. Our members stay around from a couple of months to even many years.

TAW Offers:

• A responsible community with over 1400 members for you to chat and play with.

• Over 50 games/divisions to play with at any time.

• 3 Events a week • Casual and well organized community of dedicated members

• Leadership opportunities for members wanting to learn how to FTL, SL, and Command

"We come to TAW for the games, but we stay for the friendships"

If you are interested in joining, check out our discord - discord.gg/EhWFGmAW8T

If you wish to visit our website TAW.net you may do so as well. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to message me!

Or just swing by our Servers:

[TAW] [NA 1] - Learning Friendly | US East (most active Friday and Sunday evenings)

[TAW] [EU 1] - New Player Friendly - TAW.net (most active Thursday and Saturday evenings)

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