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FPS drop problem

fudedofudedo Member Posts: 2 Civilian


Today, the game starts to have sudden drops in FPS.

My config:

Intel i5

8gb ram

geforce 1650gb

(the game is installed in the HDD 1tb)

Is there anyone experiecing the same problem?

How do I fix it?

Thanks in advance.


  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 137 ★★

    A little more context would be helpful. You've started having sudden frame drops in comparison to when? Are we talking in terms of a day, week, month, year?

    If you are experiencing this in the short term it might be that you were playing on one of the lesser optimized maps, or perhaps something on your PC was taxing your system more than it usually does. 8gb of RAM isn't a whole lot to work with, especially when its running alongside a HDD.

    If its over a long term, more specifically like if you played during one build of the game then came back to a different build, then its important to note that the game has changed performance wise quite a bit over time. There have been plenty of updates that have made the game run better but there have also been a few that haven't, especially for us lower end users.

    The best advice I can give you is to clear the game's user cache through the settings menu (or by deleting the Squad files in the appdata manually). This deletes all the settings files for the game, giving you a fresh start and potentially clearing up any incompatible settings left over from previous builds of the game. Then go through and reset all your setting to see if you notice any improvement.

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