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My 2 Cents for successful squad leadership (All welcome to contribute)

FallOutFallOut SydneyMember Posts: 5 Civilian
edited November 2021 in General

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well.

I thought I would start to put together a list of helpful hints for anyone interested in leading in Squad so they can get a head start. By no means is this an exhaustive list and I'm sure not all will agree on it.

  1. If you have a sizable squad play the active caps
  2. Where possible, don't put HABs directly on the Point 
  3. Where possible, place two habs close to the Point
  4. Where possible, place three habs close to the Point (What I call the holy trinity :))
  5. Where possible, place radios (no HAB) down for the sole purpose of Helo resupplies in forwarding positions
  6. Use Rally Points to bridge the distance between the HAB and the Point
  7. When loading a Logie at main, the goldern loadout is 1800 build, and the rest ammo (Enough for three HABs)
  8. In the planning phase, mark your intentions on the Map for all other squads to see
  9. Put all squad members into FT A/B at the start so that they can promote each other to FT Lead 
  10. If CO use the CAS asap when it becomes available if you can strike an enemy HAB and assist the attack. 

Im interested to see other tips the community has.




  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 323 ★★

    First step: don't be SL.

    Find a situation in which nobody else in a squad wants to be SL - then "volunteer" to be SL.

    That way, people are more likely to listen.

    Otherwise they're gonna think: who the **** is this clown telling me what to do?

    Sometimes it's worth it to forego HAB and have ATGM instead with full ammo + maybe 100 build for a crate; and spawn off rally, because owi refuses to fix rally.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 121 ★★

    The one thing I'll say about placement of HAB's is that it is better not to think in terms of hard rules for HAB placement. Think about what the purpose of the HAB is, it's to get players back into the fight. Something that I often see when folks get too stuck in the idea that you should place FOB's off point, out of fear that they might be easily overrun, is that they place them in places that make it hard to get back into the cap after they've been wiped off. I always try to balance the risk of the FOB being lost with how close it is to the fight but lean towards proximity. I've always felt that having guys able to stream into the point quickly well worth the risk of losing the FOB if it means we keep the point. The off cap HAB is great if you end up losing the point, then you'll have an ready to go attack HAB, but with the way the tickets work out, you really don't want to go back and forth on a single objective.

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