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map layout system

MarioMario Member Posts: 2 Civilian
edited November 2021 in Feedback & Suggestions


In my experience, you could take the game to a new level with your own layouts.

In the beginning, for communities to host the servers. There are many interested communities that could 

create good layouts to take their servers to a new level.

This means that there is no risk of an unbalanced layout.

1- Map choice

2- mode choice

3- main base location

4- fraction selection

5- determine flag points

6- vehicle layout

This allows communities to redesign their servers.

In a second step, it would be great to do something like a squad hub or something. So that the layouts 

can be shared among the communities and are accessible to all.

So basically implement a map layout system.

Thanx ans see you on the fields



  • MarioMario Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    edited November 2021

    Sorry for the English

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