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The Cage | Experienced and Competitive Server | Apply for free Whitelist

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The Cage is about creating and maintaining an environment where people can play squad at a higher level and closer to its full potential than your average public server experience. We offer free whitelist to players and clans that share out goal. You can apply for this on our discord by telling us how you would be an asset to the server.

Our goal is to be the place to go for skilled, and high quality gameplay.

We are the home of many experienced players, clans and comp teams, as well as welcoming less experienced players that want to learn and improve.

We have an international admin and leadership team made up of leaders from all regions and representatives of all aspects of the squad community.

Discord Rules

1) No racist, homo/transphobic, sexist, bigoted remarks. Harassing/demeaning people will not be tolerated. Respect your fellow people.

2) Keep the drama out of this discord. We are here to unite and work together as a community.

3) Do not spam messages, mentions or fill channels with nonsense. Stop when asked by a member of staff. You may mention/spam off-topic channel freely, the rest of our rules still apply in it.

4) Keep things mature and constructive, especially during disagreements or admin issues.

5) Only tag admins or staff for essential, time sensitive issues.

7) Keep religion, politics and other possibly inflammatory topics out of this discord.

8) Play hard, have fun and interact with the community.

Server Rules

-Do not impersonate or imply you are a community admin. Non admins can report ingame using !admin, report on discord or apply to help as an admin.

-No Exploiting, Hacking, Cheating, Glitching, Ghosting, Griefing, Trolling or advocating of these actions.

-Do not intentionally teamkill. Apologize in all chat for all TKs. Report malicious TKs

-No racist, homo/transphobic, sexist, bigoted remarks. Harassing/demeaning players will not be tolerated.

-No voice/music/text spam. Have fun, but stop when asked by anyone.

-Do not create squads without the intention of leading them(squad baiting)

-One man locked infantry squads are not permitted. All other squads may freely lock.

-All players must work and communicate with the team. Non-SLs are not required to speak english, but should have a basic understanding of english, the server language.

-All SLs must have a mic, be unmuted and actively communicate to ALL SLs over the SL channel in english. They must actively lead their squads and cooperate with the team.

-Do not hinder the team through malice or continued negligence(asset waste, etc.).

-All SLs must have a SL kit except for temporary circumstances. Pilot lead squads may not have more than 4 members. Do not lead inf squads from a tank.

-All vehicles requiring crewman kits must be minimum two manned before leaving main. Only crewman vehicles that may be one-manned are light APCs(5 ticket vehicles).

-Helis are claimed by squad name, 1 per squad.

-Tanks, IFVs, APCs, ATGM vehicles are claimed by specific squad name(e.g tank, bmp, apc, ctas, simir kornet). The first created squad claims as many of the designated asset as they are capable of crewing.

-In terms of vehicle assets, pick ONE major asset, no squads like “Tank+BMP” allowed.

Team Balance Policy

Goal is to have high quality, hard fought, yet competitive games for both teams. Groups and friends are encouraged to play with each other. Care must be taken to split up separate groups and create a roughly even split of ability across both teams.

Self balancing of teams is the preferred method. If this does not happen, admins will intervene after two or three rolls by a single team. This will be done by switching selected groups of players in the hopes of creating a more even playing field. Care will be taken to not split groups in two.

Seeding Rules

-No gun vehicles, emplacements

-Do not attack Enemy habs or attempt to overrun them.

-Fight on mid point(s) or selected admin location

-Stay inside admin set boundaries(generally within 150m of point of interest)

-Keep the fighting fun

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