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{CF}Camouflage gaming exp player server

CamogamingserverCamogamingserver Member Posts: 1 Civilian
edited November 2021 in Hosting Support

We are new Squad server, we are aiming towards being a competitive Experienced server while still welcoming new players to come and learn if they choose. We started off as a training server after are local friend group found squad a few years ago. Since we have bin hosing are custom server where we played little at a time. Since then we have build are community and aimed for a public server where everyone is welcome to come play and have fun with us.

Are values. At CF we are dedicated to hosting a safe welcoming envierment for Experienced and new players part of ensuring the up most safety of the community is protecting against all forms of discrimination. Are admin team in devoting to make sure that all are players have a great time. Are staff team has bin briefed and hand chosen to make sure they are friendly, kind. We don't want are admin team to seem like admins we want them to interact as friends and fellow players in the battle. They are there alongside the players talking and addressing any concerns kindly and in a friendly manner.

We don't NOT hold any Squad community ban list past bans against you. We forbid are admin team form reviewing any or holding any judgment because of your bans on other severs no matter your risk rank. We just ask that you uphold are rules and we will never hold your past against you we believe that any player can be good no matter there past.

Rules please read before playing Order goes WARN/KICK/BAN

All players are welcome we do not use The community ban list and do not hold old bans in other server against you


   :Squad leads must have sl kit after 4 players in squad

   :NO one manned vics for crewman vics

   :main camping is allowed please stay at least 200m away or you will be asked to stop

   :Teamkilling or trolling of any sort will be kicked or banned

   :Hackers or exploiters will be perm banned and reported to OWI

   :NO racism or discrimination of any sort

   :Please be kind and respectful of all players

   :Please dont fly helicopters or use armor if you dont have Experience using them

   :Squad leaders may kick anyone

   :Specialized squads like btr Bradly Abrams get Priority The name armor dose not count

:A separate armor squad is required to take crew man vics INF squad may not take crew man vics


Fight over middle point till 15v15 admin will call

No Armor or Heavy mgs or mortar's

Helicopter are allowed

Do not take out enemy HABs

Don't build FOBs / HABs on middle caps

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