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[SuS] Soldiers Under Suspicion l discord.gg/C6ckwsbwTu

hax0rsp00nhax0rsp00n Member Posts: 2 Civilian
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Soldiers Under Suspicion is a tight knit clan whose ambitions spread to many games, including squad. We are always in need of new members (as any clan is) so feel free to join the discord! Once you're in feel free to talk to one of the mods or myself about joining!



  • hax0rsp00nhax0rsp00n Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Discord Rules:


    These rules apply to all channels, including random. If you have a disagreement with another user, don't do anything to make the situation worse. A moderator will handle it if needed.

    DO NOT disrespect other users.

    DO NOT post exploits, glitches or hacks in this Discord or the Forums. Please inform a member of Community Support or a Moderator and they will get you into contact with QA.

    DO NOT post illegal content such as torrents, warez, counterfeit products, keys, etc.

    DO NOT post personal information such as name, address, email, phone numbers, etc.

    DO NOT post media depicting actual real life violence of any kind.

    DO NOT post NSFW content.

    DO NOT discuss politics or religion.

    DO NOT spam, troll, harass, or bait in text and voice channels.

    DO NOT attempt to evade bans by creating and joining on alternate Discord accounts.

    DO NOT Disrespect someone's looks, race, or ethnic background, etc


    Any accounts with usernames, custom statuses or avatars that are considered to be offensive are not allowed. Failure to comply will result in a permanent ban. For reference any usernames and avatars with NSFW and racist content are strictly forbidden on this Discord server. If your content is too extreme you will be removed from the Discord accordingly.

    Additionally, if you get banned we have no obligation to unban you. 

    Server Rules:

    Armor Rules

    - First properly named squads have priority on vehicles. (e.g ARE allowed: “Tank”, 30MM BTR”, “Logi”, “Heli”)

    - You may not claim multiple vehicle types for one squad. (e.g. BMP + BTR-82A)

    - Vehicles that are already occupied at the start of the round (Start of the round is after the preparation phase) cannot be overtaken by a late squad with the associating name.

    - If no named squads are made for a vehicle, it is first come, first serve.

    1-man locked squads have to be named and are only allowed for non crewman vehicles and logistics or helis.

    - “Non crewman vehicles” 🠮 Scout Car, Open-top bulldog, logistical/transport truck, some MT-LB's, etc.

    No 1-manning vehicles that require a crewman kit.

    - “Vehicles that require a crewman kit 🠮 MBT’s, IFV’s, APC’s, etc.

    - You must have 2 crewmen before leaving main.

    - You will not drive out of main to pick someone up.

    - Incase of loss of a crewman try to save the vehicle & return to main.

    No mech INF allowed

    - All squad members inside a armor squad have to be crewman

    -This rule does not apply if they are not in a vehicle. (edited)

    Infantry rules

    No main camping. Do not engage enemy vehicles or INF inside of 400m of the enemy main, if a map is to small for these rules then it is based off intent.

    -This includes placing mines and/or IEDs, positioning infantry weapon emplacements, or vehicles ANYWHERE on a map within the sight line of Main specifically for killing players and destroying vehicles as they leave.

    Squad Lead's must have a SL Kit and a mic

    -This includes Lead Pilot and Lead Crewman kits.

    If you create a squad you must intend to lead it, if you make a squad by accident, disband the squad.

    - Do NOT create a Squad to just pass off SL so you can get a kit you’d like to play.

    No intentional Teamkills. Make sure to apologise for all TK’s in all chat.

     - Revenge TK’s also count under this rule (Getting team killed and team killing in retaliation).

    No Mic-Spam.

     Under Mic-Spam we count;

    - Excessive loud noises; such as screaming etc.

    - Excessive use of the in-game VOIP comms (local, squad, command chat). (edited)

    General/Misc Rules

    No cheating, hacking, exploiting.

    Exploiting known bugs and/or using known third-party tools.

    No ghosting.

    This is providing the enemy team with information that they wouldn’t normally have. As in:

    - Having someone in the opposing team giving you information.

    - Stream-Sniping.

    - Telling people over the in-game chat where friendly positions are (HAB’s, FOB’s, vehicles, players, next points, etc.).

    - Telling the opposing team your ticket count.

    No Griefing.

    Griefing includes:

    - Intentional asset wasting;

    - Driving/Flying vehicles out of the maps.

    - Driving/Flying vehicles into enemy positions with the intent to die/troll.

    - Intentionally keeping the vehicle out of the game.

    - Helicopter Ramming.

    - Use of the unarmed kit.

    - Intentional TK’s.

    Player names must have at least two English characters in order to make callouts.

    This is to help communication between players.

    Squad leaders can kick squad members for any reason.

    No politics.

    This is to keep games within the server enjoyable. (Btw these servers are subject to change as the our server goes live)

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