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VOIP question

DoctornonameDoctornoname Member Posts: 6 Civilian

Hey squaddies,

Dunno where this question belongs, but it interests me.

I've recently read an article stating that drug cartels have successfully used in-game VOIP for illegal activities. That made me wonder:

With all of the technology available today and people concerned with the NSA tapping their phones or whatever, how does in-game VOIP work? How were those cartels caught?

As someone who knows absolutely nothing about the internet or tech., I'm curious how my voice is transmitted in-game (local, squad, command) to other players. Is that something that someone would have to specifically monitor for? I mean, think about how random that is. In my mind, someone would have to monitor a particular server in a video game to find those dudes. My imagination tells me that it is way easier than that, but I don't understand how. I remember reporting a dude last year for telling people in his squad how to make real-life IEDs; I wouldn't be surprised if less-than-reputable organizations used this kind of stuff for their own gain.

Any computer gurus wanna chime in with how my voice goes from my microphone, thru my computer, into the interwebs, and into that overly-eager squad leader's ear?




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