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SquadScrims - A Discord Server for Competitive Matchmaking

EWA_mightyEWA_mighty Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hi Squaddies!

During the last weeks, I have worked on a central platform for organizing scrims. It is a discord server that runs a self-programmed bot. I think it could revolutionize the way we look for scrims and could ease the life of everybody who is in charge of arranging scrims for his clan/team. It is already running (over 100+ clanreps) and people create and look for matches.

Be aware that the server is only intended for clan-reps (people who are organizing scrims for their teams).

There's not much you need to do. Just join the server and follow the instructions of the bot🙂

As I can't post links here, you just need to go to youtube and search for "Squadscrims". You will find a quick introduction video with the discord link in the description.

I will be here for any feedback and also you can pm me on discord :)


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