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Squad Developer Q&A October



  • rumhamrumham Member Posts: 3

    Will you ever change the fact that we can heal players through walls?

    And also the fact that sometimes a leg will break through a wall and able to be shot from the other side.

  • DannyBlazeDannyBlaze Member Posts: 3

    Hey guys,

    Big fan of the game and I've been playing for years, just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do real quick before ask my questions.

    1.How does the team feel about/would you guys ever implement more incentives to stick as a squad? There has been talk over the years of maybe taking reduced suppression near an SL for Conventional forces and I want to know if features like this have ever been considered?

    2. Also I know it's been a bug for years now according to FuzzHead but are Ins ever going to get the ability to Strap IEDs to each other back? The Raider class used to be the FOB hunter with a Bomb on his chest because of teamplay with your Sapper but now the class is hardly ever played. Will this type of gameplay ever make a comeback?

    Thanks again for the opportunity!


    Danny Blaze

  • ValmackaValmacka Member Posts: 10 ★★

    1. Since CAF was recently added to the SDK, I'd like to ask how the DLC refactor system is coming along?

    2. How you doin'?

  • Noxxid3Noxxid3 Member Posts: 4 Moderator
    edited October 2021

    Since Attacks helicopters are planned, is there any work being done on the net-code side of things? At the moment players with high ping or bad latency skip across the map. Its quite difficult and nauseating at times when this happens, either when you're a door gunner or AA (Even more so with MAPADS). Will this be improved before attack choppies come? Thats one of my concerns, though i know that they're pretty far out from being implemented, nonetheless it would still help current gameplay.

    p.s welcome to your first Q/A Wedge :)

  • GusxpmGusxpm Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    1.Is there a posibility that small country armies may be included (ie. Latin American Countries, African Countries, etc.)

    2.Is there plans to bring night battles to SQUAD

    3.Are there plans to add divisions (ie. 1st Infantry, 101st Airborne, Russian VDV, etc.)

  • Player 1Player 1 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Why do AKM rounds land high at all ranging and when will OWI fix it? It's been an issue for years.

  • Fox1337Fox1337 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hii to everyone on OWI thanks for an amazing game <3

    1.If attack helis would be added would there be any improved AA guns for all conventional factions?

    2.Will the RU and MEA tanks get an actual working reactive armor plates?

    3.Thermal's on vehicles?

    4.Is there any chance for Squad to get a Co-op mod like Player against AI missions and campaigns, something like ArmA 3?

    5.Man controlled rocket artillery for conventional factions? (on some bigger maps)

    Keep up the good work


  • 3weeks3weeks Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    New player onboarding and education... how does OWI feel that is going and what plans do you have for it in the future?

    Have you ever watched a pro FPS player begin to play Squad (Shroud, Dr Disrespect, Summit1g)? Someone with 10,000+ viewers watching/helping them? Someone with 49 teammates and even 50 enemies helping them live in the game? And yet you still watch them struggle to grasp the basics of the game that are never explained anywhere? If that person has issues, what do you think normal new players go through?

    Will the Tutorial ever be more fleshed out and have incorrect information corrected?

    Why does OWI not share how the mechanics of this game work to new and old players anywhere outside of the patch notes? Are you aware the pain we players go through when you change core functions of this game (like the HAB overrun mechanic or refunding of ammo) without sharing that new information anywhere outside of patch notes which are read by few players?

    Does OWI ever plan to advertise features in this game that 1000+ hour players are still learning exist? For instance, the blue bar under your teams defensive flag that indicates cap status and can let a knowledgeable player know if a double neutral is possible or not while not even being on their defensive flag?

    Speaking of that above point, what expectations do you have for the new capture point mechanics and how that will affect steam rolls and double neutral situations? Will that nerf the above "blue bar" mechanic? In the first week you role this change out, how do you expect in game educational discussions to go on this meta changing mechanic? Those of us that read patch notes will have to explain to those that don't about how this works. Have you ever experienced doing that in a live game? How has that gone for you? To give a real example, I had to explain to my SL last month that no, the enemy cannot hear us over local chat (that became a huge argument that made me leave his squad due to his incompetence). Worst is trying to explain the HAB overrun mechanic to the 1 who's with me on the enemy HAB while we're trying to push it (never goes well).

    Can you explain your philosophy of "there is no wrong way to play Squad" and how that has an impact on your development and design decisions and how you see that mentality affecting the gameplay? As an example, taking a tank out of Main and sitting with it for the entire gaming not being useful to your team. On the one side, "there's no wrong way to play" and on the other side that really hampers our teams ability to succeed.

  • SoulbourneSoulbourne Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    1. Are there any current or future plans to see community modding support improve to allow things such as official server support, etc.? If so what things can we expect?

  • BoldfacedbroomBoldfacedbroom Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Is 3.0 still on it's way to being released before the end of 2021?

  • Guykl87Guykl87 Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    1. Will there be a close quarter combat game mode in the future? Maybe something like a maximum of 3 squads of eight vs the insurgent force on a very small map.
  • Kilo YankeeKilo Yankee Member Posts: 0 Civilian

    Hey OWI team! First things first, I love this game and want it to succeed just like everyone else. Now I know a lot of the community has lost patience with you guys and **** on the team but just keep pushing through that. Now for my actual questions

    1. Will we ever see the militia and MEA overhauled to be more unique rather than a near mirror image of other factions? Give the MEA more customized vics or give them new domestic vics based off of the modern Iranian military. Make the militia feel more like well a militia rather than green insurgents
    2. Will the insurgents get a change in weaponry or vehicles to more accurately represent insurgents we see in the middle east today? Give them more modified vehicles and possibly reduce their armor. Give them more trucks with armored up beds or half track style trucks with massive modified beds. Also give them more old western equipment like an M16A2 or (I personally would love this) an M113 APC
    3. Will the current conventional factions be continuously updated to modern standards or stay with their older states?
    4. Can we perhaps get proper HEDP rounds in the game? In real life, the modern M72 is more of an anti-infantry/fortification weapon. It still has some anti-armor abilities thought. Some LAT kits should not be afraid to use their launcher to take out dug-in infantry.
    5. Could FOB defenses be made cheaper and faster to deploy so we can actually have beefier FOBs that could hold on an assault?
    6. Alright last question. Will developer updates or just some kind of progress report of the development process be made more common after this Q&A?

    Thanks for reading this! Look forward to the devil dogs being added!

  • DogzillartDogzillart Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Hey so i was wondering with such a massive map like fallujah how do you go about lighting it, like any techniques that you could share? Also how do you guys approach dealing with light bleed in your interiors?

  • thevoicethevoice Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    AWS hosting

    Why server owners are not allowed to use AWS the biggest cloud service provider in the world as an service provider for licenced servers?

    Many of the top NA servers have been suffering from DDOS attacks for the last 2 months leading to a point where server providers are denying us squad server hosting. AWS provides cost effective tools to remediate this issue and allowing AWS as an server host would greatly help the communities that keep this game alive. 

    Communities and admins are burning out on the constant server crashes and server seeding. Please allow us to get the tools to combat this.

    Preventing a DDOS attack is far better than overcoming the consequences of one

  • markobalkmarkobalk Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hello! Yehorivka and Gorodok overhauls are amazing so I was wondering if you have any plans to overhaul other maps too?

  • Daddy-BabyDaddy-Baby Member Posts: 6 ★★

    Will there be sounds overhaul ( weapons , vehicles ) in the future ?

  • CiraaxxCiraaxx Member Posts: 3

    Will there be more additions to the deployables? I.e. tank traps, smaller caliber machine gun emplacements etc.

    And are there any plans for a fire base deployable? Something like a radio, for less points, that lets you build 2 machine guns and sandbags within a radius. (Would be quite logical for factions with smaller supply trucks like insurgents or militia.)

  • imaamiimaami Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Squad's EasyAntiCheat support for Steam Proton has been a source of anxiety for us who love Squad and Linux. Epic Games recently made EAC's Proton support a first-class citizen:

    "(...) developers can activate anti-cheat support for Linux via Wine or Proton with just a few clicks in the Epic Online Services Developer Portal." ¹

    A Blue Mammoth Games employee added more detail on Reddit:

    "The steps are to upgrade to EOS SDK 1.17 (released September 23rd) and then enable a client module for Linux." ²

    Will you please switch to EAC SDK version 1.17 and enable the Linux client module ASAP, pretty please? The number of Linux Squad players is increasing, and it would mean the world to us.

    ¹ dev (dot) epicgames (dot) com /en-US/news/epic-online-services-launches-anti-cheat-support-for-linux-mac-and-steam-deck

    ² www (dot) reddit (dot) com /r/Brawlhalla/comments/q7n6zr/will_bmg_developers_optin_for_eac_under_wine/hgnnyoe/

  • justachapjustachap Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Has Insurgency mode been worked on at all?

  • JustAsPlannedJustAsPlanned Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I know this is a small detail, but I loved seeing the experimental back up sights and picture-in-picture scopes showcased earlier this year. Is there any way either of these feature are going to work their way into V3 or a near future patch?

  • crazycowcrazycow Member Posts: 12

    Can you tell us more about the planned commander resource points system? What are your expectations for how it will influence gameplay, and will any additional command abilities be added when this is overhauled? Have you thought about including more faction-specific command abilities or will they be divided along the current lines of 'conventional' vs 'unconventional' commander call-ins?

  • DonDOOMDonDOOM Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Will the VoIP system ever be redone as was said ~6 years ago?

    Back in 2014/2015 when I first got access to the alpha version of squad one of my first questions was if there were plans to redo the VoIP system because there is a lot of inherent delay/latency (usually around 1 second) with the current system. The difference between Mumble in Project Reality that we were all used to and the VoIP system in Squad was (is) huge.

    Throughout the years I've asked that same question a few times and the answer I got from Will (Merlin) was that the VoIP system was the first piece of code he wrote for Squad, and that it would definitely be redone in the future.

    Today the same delay issue exists within the current VoIP system. Is this still on the radar, and if so is there a time frame for it?

  • ThoughtexperimentThoughtexperiment Member Posts: 8

    1. Are there any plans to allow non-bipod weapons to be "deployed" in order to simulate resting the gun on a surface, like what is currently in post-scriptum?

    2. The open-top MRAPS is widely considered a deathtrap for the gunner since it is really easy to snipe him out of the seat. Is there any plan to make the MRAPS gunner seat a more survivable role? Perhaps by setting the player model lower in the turret and/or allowing the gunner to duck unto the turret (even when reloading)

    3. In the same vein as #2, resting an MG against a ledge leaves a large portion of the player model exposed. Are there any plans to make the player model tuck lower behind cover, only exposing the gun and head?

  • Ruxbin1986Ruxbin1986 Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Hey Guys,

    First off all great game and I really appreciate you this opportunity to discuss the future of Squad. My question, whatever happen to the purpose re-work on infantry combat where it's always better to use an optic over an iron sight? A few months back there was a discussion about this on reddit with a video on a new M249 with a new optic that didn't zoom in the rest of screen.

    Is this no longer a priority? If so, why was it dropped?

  • Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 185 ★★

    in 2015, OWI put "persistent stat tracking" on this roadamap, has that point been removed entirely from OWI's roadmap, or is anyone at OWI working on such a system? (see the image link below, from Squad Kickstarter)

    I bet many players would still like to know their global "average vehicle-kills-per-hour" and "average revives-per-hour" rates for example (to compare themselves with other medics and AT-soldiers), best even with monthly or weekly stats. ("top medic of the week/month" by total revives and by revives-per-hour for example, "top tank/APC/sniper, ... , ... player of the month/week") :)


  • thatdesignerguythatdesignerguy Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hey OWI couple quick questions.

    1. When it launched, the commander role was labeled as a first pass at an evolving role. That was roughly two years ago. Are there any updates or near future plans you could share about the role?
    2. The test branch got an update a while ago that was working on map and faction voting. Are there any updates to that feature, it would add tons of variety to the game.
    3. Is there a change at all to faction release time tables? Would love to know any updates on the pan asian faction progress.
  • OWI_WedgeOWI_Wedge Posts: 40 Admin

    Thanks everyone for your questions! We have well over 100 now and will be taking a look at the list and working on answers.

    If you didn't get a chance to ask yours then hold it, we'll be doing this again in the future.

  • OWI_WedgeOWI_Wedge Posts: 40 Admin

    An update: https://joinsquad.com/2021/10/25/squad-developer-qa-rescheduled/

    Hey Squaddies,

    Two weeks ago we announced our new Squad Developer Q&A initiative, and that we would be providing answers to fifteen (15) questions asked by our players in the first ever iteration of that. Those answers were originally to be posted tomorrow. However, we saw such an outpouring of great questions that we’ve decided to address more than the originally planned fifteen, and instead tackle twenty-five (25). As a result we’ll be taking a bit more time.

    We know that many players were looking forward to reading our replies tomorrow, but we think that this will be an even more satisfying read when completed. We are aiming to provide these answers to you by the end of this week, so you should see them on Friday October 29th.

    We appreciate your patience, and wanted to let you know about this before we missed our announced timeline.

    Thank you for your continued support of Squad, and the team!


    • Offworld Industries

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