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Game crashes on startup, locks computer

SupremeOwnageSupremeOwnage Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Hey, been experiencing this problem for a few days now. The initial load screen of squad, showing a picture the Americans running around whilst yellow loading helmets pulse, just locks up my computer. I can Ctrl Alt Delete to get the task manager up, and even drop back to desktop, but the moment i try to interact with anything the load screen once again comes back up full screen. There isn't any way to escape it other than to simply restart my computer, which is FAR from ideal. I validated the files and found no issues, and a full reinstall worked for exactly one day. The next day i tried to play and boom, exact same issue, computer locked up. I'm not willing to try that again until i can find a solution. Any suggestions are welcome!

Many thanks in advance.


  • SupremeOwnageSupremeOwnage Member Posts: 3 Civilian


  • Oldskoo1Oldskoo1 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Same for me. Started happening a few weeks ago. Today it looks like I had a small patch. I wasn’t paying much attention to the screen. I click the steam button “play game” after the small update and the game crashes every time. Task manager not responding

  • SupremeOwnageSupremeOwnage Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Found a solution. I deleted all the things from the workshop, you know like the custom stuff that you automatically download when you go on specific servers? That seemed to fix it, I guess something in there was messing with the game. Best of luck!

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