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Looking to create a CQB server and community

MercobtwMercobtw Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Squad CQB Server

Dear Squad Community 

As a regular player of “Squad” I have observed the lack of a CQB focused servers. CQB has become an active element of tactical FPS games, but they lack of servers focusing on the tense CQB experience. 

I am currently looking to construct a team of active players who are ready to venture into developing an active community focusing on CQB gameplay. This would go from constructing a community to owning various servers, permitting those interested to tag along and have a true CQB experience. Squad is an action packed game with different scenarios, but the long walks and the long-distance gunfights have become repetitive, so this is the opportunity to respond to a player gap. 

The creation of the server would compromise of various moded maps and the Middle East Escalation mod. This would ensure we have realistic weapons and the true feeling of the CQB experience. 

Game modes such as: 

  • Advance and Secure
  • Skirmish
  • Invasion 
  • Territory Control

Shall become the main basis behind the community servers. 

Looking for 18+ individuals looking to participate in this new project. 

Feel free to email [email protected] if you feel like this interests you, and you have the skills required to participate in this project. 



  • BlackBearBlackBear Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    Hey There I am a developer looking to make a server dm me on discord Uzii#7052

  • Shadow_BugShadow_Bug Member Posts: 15 Civilian
    edited February 2022

    I also considering starting/ joining a server, as I find many servers lacking.

  • BlackBearBlackBear Member Posts: 6 Civilian


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