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Capture zone scaling and the HAB changes

Red21Red21 Member Posts: 5 Civilian

Capture zone scaling (capture speed will now scale with the number of players in a capture zone): Hahahahahahahaahahahaha omg. The community of those who are around for years and understand the game like the tickets of a vehicle, FOB, capture point and so one, the full package. Are asking themself and this came up Sunday the last time when I played, is somebody deliberately sabotaging this game because that is how it looks to those people. And sadly I agree. To the idiosety of a change than. So you dont want us to respond to a change on the map or what. Even when this is exsacly why SL play. You see what is happening you know you have the time to repond and you respond. So you pay atention to what is happening see that the defense point is getting captured and you know that that will cap in 4 min. You know that in 2 min you will be close to the point with a set up HAB you need 30 secends to clash with the enemy so you have 1 min 30 to stop the cap which is realistic. But now in the proces a nother enemy squad gets on the point and you cant stop the cap eny more and some how this shood be funn ? You dont understand aperently that to make decisions you need stable parameters and not changing parameters. And it matters when the enemy caps or not because they gain 60 tickets which outsets the game, because it is enought to capture the next point. And by the way we were saying you need to chane the tickets from 30/30 to min 60/10 or 20 and you needed 2-3 years for it, WTF ?.

HAB changes: Let's be brief. We are starting to say not desaible HAP but jamm the HAB. Because this is what your chane did. It shood make you fight for a HAB more but the reality is SWAT surounds your house and you give up. The enemy is comming with 2 squads and they clash 80 - 70 m and no one is alowed to spawn. And the best was how you layered the change with the 10 m distances. Do you understand that 50 m is nothing. The grenade - smoke throw range is 50 m and than you spit and you are at 80 m which means 10 m is 4 steps but some how in 4 steps you need one or x people less to jamm the HAB. And than you want to be taken seriusly ? So we are insane and rather to stop the c4 damaging the radio we develep a nother system that makes it les of a **** f.... When in reality in a team oriented game this shood never be alowed that one or two engineers can and do offset a whole game by deliting the FOB - FOBS which with spawning alows you to defend - attack - influence a area.

GOD help us sinners !


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 141 ★★

    The game was already sabotaged by A13.

    The real sin of OWI is implementing these changes one at a time instead of implementing the whole system(akin to PR), which resulted in many parts of gameplay getting worse.

  • Red21Red21 Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    Posting here because apparently you are not allowed to post under announcements.

    Not just that you don't understand your game you don't understand the main motivation of the experienced players and SLs. The main long term motivation is that you can get all information from the map see what is happening and you can respond to it with 70-90% success rate. This is what is actually fun in squad. With that change you will many times be to late which will be frustrating and the frustration will be instant before you do anyting. So apparently a changing variable is good for decision making WTF ? When we go yust 2 mm deeper I want to bash my head against the f. ... wall when I imagine that now 3 squads will have to go to at least the second point and any other cap from than, so you can cap faster in the beginning and this is tactical ??? Where on f. .. Mars ? Squad because how the game works is automatically projecting an image of reality (mostly m-map and the information on map), which will now disappear. 3 squads on a flag and you think that some people will not shoot in to the air, throw smoke or grenades and this is a variable because you love those so much. What will shure happen is that people will spam the proxy coms with bulshit and music how the **** is this realistic ??? Squads lest 2 year development is like a mental patient refusing to get treatment. Ok you don't need help ? Really ? Why did you than in the past ask the whole community about things that presuppose knowledge about ticket values, tactics and what is actually happening on the map in a game ? How is it so hard to see when 10% can give you good feedback and you ask 100% that you are hurting yourself in the long run ?

  • Red21Red21 Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    This is a Joke. With this change we will introduce Zerging, destroy tactic and the rest of team play and all believe in it, that this is a war environment and not a game with 3 squads camping on points in the start of a game. How can you talk about tactics when 3 vs 3+ to around 27 or more to capture a point is a thing ? You cant because size of a enemy team that can cap your point (in the same time) shouldn't matter above that min 3. When this is a tactical team oriented game like you say, it should not matter when 3 people cap or the whole team (in the same time frame), and some how you are wasting your time with it and then asking 100% of the community what they think when 5% (mostly SL) actually could give you feedback because they understand what is happening on the map.

  • Wookie404Wookie404 Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    I agree with you, but I might suggest that you be a bit more concise with your feedback, maybe break it up into paragraphs.... kind of hard to follow.

    It's pretty clear the immense flaw with the new cap scaling which makes capping points faster (exacerbating steamrolls in pub matches) ,and makes an already non-transparent mechanic unpredictable for timing or counterplay. If anything they should have added a minute or 2 to the cap time to reduce steamrolls and force teams to advance AND secure the point they capture, instead they have accelerated steamrolls and made the counter play decision unreliable.

    They really need to look at making the capture times transparent on the existing system, the real problem with squad is so many mechanics (e.g. capture times) that are necessary to understand for efficient play and decision makings are not given to the player. They should display the rate at which the point is being captured so that people know.... like show some stars on the flag for capture rate.

    Outside the box idea, they could each objective take progressively longer to capture, say the middle point keeps they 2 minutes on each side but the later objectives add a minute to each side (note when I say "each side" = to make neutral, to full cap). BUT more importantly they need to make the system transparent to the player so that they can make informed decisions in the fight..... especially for new players that haven't figured out all these hidden mechanics.

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