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Contour lines and direct Radio to Squad higher than 9.

laaars4laaars4 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

An option that enables contour lines on every map would make strategic decisions easier and players who don't know the map very well would have more chance against experienced ones.

It can be difficult to discuss some things in commander radio, but there is the possibility to call squads directly, using the number block which of course ends with 9. However, on a full server there are usually more than 9 squads, so I would suggest adding the function so that squad leaders can also contact higher squad numbers directly. Here there is the option of either Shift + NUMPAD 1; 2; 3; 4 ... or NUMPAD 1 + NUMPAD 3 = 13 to contact squads that are higher than, 1 to 9.


  • Naz The EternalNaz The Eternal Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    100% absolutely agree, I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up before or already added in as a feature!

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