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Squad Public Playtest Instructions

OWI_WedgeOWI_Wedge Posts: 40 Admin

Hey Squaddies!

To better prepare for Squad Public Playtests, this post has been created to give guidelines.

To be able to join the playtest, follow these guidelines to set up the application:

  • The “Squad - Public Testing” application will be available in your Steam Library ONLY if you own Squad. It can be found by searching for “Squad - Public Testing” within the Steam Library search bar.
  • Downloading the “Squad - Public Testing” application is equivalent to downloading another copy of Squad, so please ensure you allow yourself enough time to download it and enough HDD space to have it installed.
  • The build(s) we will be using during the playtests are not currently available. This means if you install the “Squad - Public Testing” application now in preparation for the tests, there will be an additional (smaller) download closer to the time of the tests. Please keep that in mind, and set your Steam Library to auto-update if possible.

During the day of playtesting the following applies along with the Code of Conduct:

  • Until the server is live at 40 players:
  • No FOB/HAB Hunting
  • No use of armoured vehicles
  • Fight only over the agreed fight flag.
  • Once the server is live:
  • No intentional team killing
  • No uses of glitches or exploits
  • No camping of main base
  • Armoured vehicles that require a crewmen kit need a minimum of 2 players for use. 

Any player that breaks the Code of Conduct or the above guidelines could be banned from future playtests and/or Squad. 

To give our team the best feedback possible, be sure to fill out surveys you receive and join our Discord to send further feedback at https://discordapp.com/invite/squad and use the feedback channels.

Be mindful that these tests are on unfinished features and are a work in progress. There could be bugs and glitches, unpolished pieces and unclear use cases. 

Have a great time, and we’ll see you on the field.



  • OWI_WedgeOWI_Wedge Posts: 40 Admin

    Hello Squaddies! 

    If you were one of our fantastic participants at that public playtest on either October 2nd or October 3rd, thank you for your support and hard work. 

    We have one final task from the playtest to complete, and that is a feedback survey. If you participated in the public playtest, go to https://forms.gle/GFBgE1TMHNNqmTLbA and give us your thoughts. For those that did not, stay tuned to our channels for your chance to participate next time, and we’ll see you on the field. 

    - OWI

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