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Can Devs add:

LiftedLifted Member Posts: 1 Civilian
  1. LPVO - Low Powered Variable Optics
  2. Actual toggleable laser, since you already have them mounted to the rifles :-)
  3. Thermal optics, such as IR scope/laser
  4. Night vision
  5. Night maps
  6. Customization of rifles, such as picking scopes, and what type of sight you put
  7. Weight factor into set ups, based on customization and amount of supplies

I think the game is amazing, but the range of engagement is crazy long, and I don't really see any kind of practicality for iron sights, unless you engage up front at the base. And 1x scope looks cool, but USA Army doesn't just use 1x scope for such a huge distance engagement, in fact most use Acogs that are x4, but now shifting to LPVO scopes, for obvious reasons of needing to see enemy at range.

LPVO can be anything from 1x-6x scope, toggleable, or at least have magnifiers on regular red dot, those are common now too.

I could be wrong, but I thought the game was based around modern combat, not something 20 years ago.Even army is trying to stay away from iron sights now, let alone Marines, who are now using magnifiers on their Eotechs

I follow actual military set up, and big into guns, and some of the decisions of keeping rifles with irons makes no sense to me. Someone will bring up "balance", but how is rifleman is limited to x amount of acogs, and then goes out with irons at the Arma 3 sized maps.

In reality, I would not even go on the battlefield, knowing that I am at the huge disadvantage like that, I would just sit at base or wait in the grass for some unlucky dude that comes to you.

Odd how someone like Medic is strong in healing and gets acog, which I love, but then riflemen may be shifted to irons, it's kind of nuts.

Or Machine gunner with irons, come on, Devs.I have Holographic sight on my rifle, and granted I can engage past 100 yards, I would not on regular basis even for fun, because you lose that dot on target, even bipod will not make you amazing at range with red dot. I mean you can engage up to 300 meters theoretically with red dot, but it becomes a blur, just like this game does.

I keep 2 rifles in real life, one for long range engagements, and one for close range, and even engaging 100 yards is so much nicer with a magnifier.

Weight differentials in set up also effect your set ups, and running speed in real life, and games such as Insurgency Sandstorm (even first Insurgency implemented it), more weight results in less recoil. My heavy rifle has less recoil (in same caliber) than my other light set up rifle.

I love shooting one at range, but the light one is more snappy, same caliber. First one has 6x-24x scope, the 2nd one has holographic. It's simple things like that that can balance things, and have customizable set up, rather than "Here is your ironsights, and you good sir bug off if you don't like it"Concept of this game is very nice, but implementation of actual strategies is poor. Arma 3 has it done right, you have customization, and in actual Marines many units allow you to select what optic (to a degree of course) you rock with, regardless whether you learned with irons.

Scopes to me is a huge con to Squad, limitation is too crazy. I end up playing Medic, Combat Engineer, and anything that has above 1x scope distance, but clearly many of the same classes are way more capable in real life. How is medic, who is strong as f, has acog, and riflemen with 2 Field Dressings don't?

It's strange, Devs. Honestly, I would redo it.Game involves so much walking, and last thing you want to feel is that headshot from someone rocking that acog, while you rocking that iron sight, trying to engage this pixel of an enemy at 300 meters, while he is one handing you, while eating pizza with left hand.

Sound design and details are amazing, but this part of realism definitely is removed, as soon as you are running in the empty mountains with irons. This is not Kuwait or Desert Storm, when irons were the main set up, and of course good ol' carrying handle m16s in the 70s. Not even army rocking that as primary anymore. USA the strongest army in the world with irons, nah. Even Talibs are mounting red dots on their AKs now.

It's time to move into "modern" era with set ups. This game can live on for years, but I find it hard to appreciate it completely, as soon as I see irons or 1x scope at the distances of 200 meters plus. I just run like a little bsh while jumping and doing the snake by the bushes, it's kind of pathetic, but what can you do, bro? :D

Arma 3 and Insurgency does it right, imo. It leaves you setting up your own rifle, at the cost of other supplies. Insurgency supply/point system is genius, because you can give up pistol for better optic, or give up smokes and grenades for better rifle.


  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 91 ★★

    Customization of your kit really doesn't belong in the game, and if you're engaging too far with irons, you're just not playing to your strengths. Iron sights are poorly done in this game, that's true, but you also shouldn't be trying to engage at long distance with them if you know you're bad at it. You also said you're walking a ton, which implies that you're doing something wrong. The game does not have to be modern - I think it'd be cool if the factions each had breakdowns where there are modern sides of them, with old sides too, but the default ones don't need to be modernized entirely.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 530 ★★
    edited October 2021

    Ok we'll add all of that but you have to only play on insurgent/militia who don't have access to thermals...etc. /s

    Rifleman pretty much always has magnified optics option available because everyone wants special snowflake kits; generally if you are forced to choose ironsight rifleman, it's because you don't have enough squad members. You should complain about medic being able to heal himself(and has sidearm) instead.

    Insurgency isn't comparable because it's basically a more pretentious cod hardcore mode with the arcady stable reticle and headglitch.

    I don't recall weight reducing recoil in insurgency; you must have been using mods.

    The real reason irons suck in Squad is because of its unrealistic gravity modifier(x2.8/x2.75 depending on caliber for rifles); real life battlezeroes out to 400m can't be used properly because of it(where as IRL it guarantees a hit on a standing man with proper aim; in Squad you either hit the moon or the floor more often than not) and thus ironsights suck(and scope is almost required) even if you do see the enemy.

    Squad should actually go back to early 2000s or even earlier(yes first gulf war too). Because that's easier to balance and more skill-based.

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