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Kinetic Diplomacy abusive admins

Haggis1Haggis1 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I was playing on the server Kinetic Diplomacy when I was doing logi run to our main. Right before I entered the main our teammate outside of the main just shot me in the face through the windshield. He didnt say sorry or anything and it was obivously intentional teamkill. I used !admin to notify admins about it and admins just responded me "Stop pinging admins".

I tried to explain them what happened but they just kicked me "for comms spamming". I joined back and asked them why they dont do anything to the teamkiller and asked why they kicked another guy for similiar thing just few minutes later. ( there was same kind of incident just few minutes later where a player reported intentional TK with !admins and it was dealt properly). Again they kicked me for comms abuse. Again I joined the server and this time didnt say anything in voice chat or text chat. I played few minutes and I got banned for comms abuse.


  • GrÜmÞŠGrÜmÞŠ Member Posts: 4 ★★
    edited September 2021

    my friend got banned from another server for having inf in an armor squad thus "violating" mech inf rules. He wasnt the SL or the inf, just driving the BTR, no ability to conform to the rules without just leaving the squad.

    Ban Reason: You can appeal when you learn to follow the rules

    Ultimately they saw he was the only one with a previous ban and since he criticized the rule in all chat they perm banned him for being associated with someone else breaking the rules and saying its a dumb rule anyway

    He appealed and said i didnt break any of the rules tho, and they just denied it and said they are sending it up the ladder to be made unappealable.

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