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New Faction, Sweden

issenizzeissenizze Member Posts: 1 Civilian

This is a proposal.

The game is really starting to shape up, new maps, bugfixing etc. I will get straight to the point.

With the recent factions added, like Canada, and Britain, I think it would be fitting with a scandinavian faction as well, especially Sweden. The Swedish army uses unique guns and equipment compared to other things that are already in the game, and we want some variety, yes?

And yes, we never know if Sweden comes into war, but if they do, it's probably against Russia.

The Swedish army main service weapon is the Ak5C carbine (cal. 5.56x45). Usually fitted with an aimpoint (magnifier too sometimes), and can also use the M203 grenade launcher. There's also the slightly smaller (shorter) variant, the Ak5D, this is primarily used by tank crews etc.

For the marksman role, we have the Ak4D (or C) which is capable of longer engagements (cal. 7.62x51).

For the sniper role, we have the PSG90 (L96 AW variant)

For the support role, we have the KSP90 (variant of the M249) or the KSP58 (variant of the M240B), we also have the Mg3 machinegun on some vehicles.

For the handgun, Sweden uses the 9mm Glock 17.

Anti-tank role: Light anti-tank rifle: "Pansarskott m86 (" or the heavier recoilless "Granatgevär m48 "


Main battle tank "Stridsvagn 122" (STRV 122) is an upgraded version of the german Leopard 2.

IFV : Stridsfordon 90, can also be used for crew transport

Armored Crew Transport: "Pansarterrängbil 360" usually equipped with the KSP88 (.50 cal HMG)

"MRAP": "Terrängbil 16, Galten" Armored transport car, can be equipped with the KSP58 on the roof.

Anti-air: "Luftvärnskanonvagn 90" same chassis as the Stridsfordon 90, but with anti-air capabilities.

Logistic Trucks:

Crew transport: Terrängbil 30 or 40


"HKP 16" (Blackhawk)

"HKP 14" Mainly used for crew transport, medical transport, sea rescues etc.

Map suggestion: There could be a map up in the north of Sweden, in Norrland, close to the Norwegian and Finnish border. This would be a snowmap, with objectives such as radarstations, mountainvillages etc.

I really hope you will look into this, because Sweden is not in many military games, and it would be awesome and fitting for the Swedish army in Squad. The vikings wants to fight as well, right? :)



  • HanddukenHandduken Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    Yes please! I've thought about having the Bandvagn 410 as an APC as well, I think that'd be funny, since it's so special. (And kind of cool to be honest) The logistics truck could be the newly aquired Rheinmetall trucks, since they are already in the game and look cool. And as for enemies, except for Russia, I think fighting Isis or the talibans, with UN, would be awesome. The "A-20"/"SU-25" run could be a Gripen bombing run or something in that style. I'd love SAF as well.

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