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QoL suggestion : Select seat from outside

oilpeanutoilpeanut Member Posts: 6 Civilian

Make it so that players can directly enter desired seat by holding F1 to F12 outside the vehicle.

Yeah that's it.


  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 140 ★★

    I believe that at one point there were talks about making it so you had to get into vehicles from the correct doors/hatches. Perhaps that could be the way of going about this.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★

    That will come with complete vehicle/inventory overhaul in 2077.

  • AlexElfAlexElf Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    +1 to this, having the ability to not jump in on the open-top gunner seat of the light vehicles in the heat of battle would be a huge QoL improvement and save a lot of soldiers' lives!

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