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《Rip+》 Riplomacy Invasion+ | Experienced Players | Active Admins

Riplomacy is an Invasion+ Squad Server and Gaming Community that is always looking for new members!

• The goal of Riplomacy is to foster a respectful "Experienced Players" environment on Squad where people attempt to play the game correctly and play to win.

• This is done not by trying to be overly strict on every less-than-experienced player, but rather by trying to encourage cooperative players to come back.

• The plus in Invasion+ means that we mostly play Invasion as we believe it to be the best mode, but sometimes also play other interesting game modes and layers that aren't invasion in order to spice things up. Most are either similar to invasion, or we feel are enjoyable enough to be worthy of being played. 

• We will have some cool layers that you will never see played on other Invasion-based Squad servers, or rarely even on other servers at all!

• We strive to uphold ourselves to higher standards as staff by always being professional, fair, and diligent.

• We also have some event nights and groups who play other games, so there's a place for everybody within the community!

We believe that the combination of all of the above is what sets us apart from other Squad 24/7 Invasion and Mixed Modes servers. We hope to see you around!

Any appeals, problems, or question are to go through our discord under contact admin!

Discord link: Discord.gg/Riplomacy

Discord Rules are as follow!

1. Don't discriminate. That includes the big ones: Racism, Homophobia, Anti-Semitism, and Sexism. ZERO TOLERANCE.

2. Respect goes a long way, remember pre-k rules. Stay civil between other members.

3. If you have a problem with something or someone try to work it out. Be proactive and solve problems. Not everything is a report and punish, some things you gotta talk out.

4. Do NOT post NSFW Content (Explicit images, Pornographic, Gore). Posting NSFW content will result in a permanent ban.

5. No advertising or self promoting UNLESS in the specified content-creators channel. Failure to follow this will result in a mute or ban depending on content.

6. No posting of IP grabbers or suspicious links, as this will result in being permanently banned.

7. No posting of images of, or links to, anything illegal. No discussing illegal activities. Doing so will result in a ban from our Discord based on the severity.

8. Stream sniping Twitch streamers may result in being banned, so please don't do it.

Squad server rules are as follow!

1. Zero Tolerance for: Racism, Anti-Semitism, Sexism, Homophobia;

Heli ramming, asset wasting, exploiting, ghosting, and trolling.

2. All Squad Leaders MUST have a Mic+SL kit or will be kicked.

3. Apologize for ALL teamkills in ALL CHAT or we'll assume intent.

4. Engaging within 400m of main is NOT ALLOWED, including firing into OR out of 400m.* A fob creation mark can visualize this range.

When point is within 600m of main, there is no engagements limit.

Helicopter and Vehicle Rules

5. Crewman vics need 2 crewmen to operate BEFORE LEAVING MAIN.

6. Vehicles are claimed via naming your squad for a SPECIFIC vic. “ARMOR” is not specific. Claims are limited to ONE VIC PER SQUAD.

7. Claims last ALL game. Do NOT overclaim other squads.


8. For TANKS and HELIS, the Squad leader MUST BE IN THE VIC. Pilots MUST be the SL. Heli squads can be a maximum of 3 players.


- The plus in Invasion+ means we sometimes also play other cool game modes/layers to spice things up!

- At Riplomacy we strive for a respectful "Experienced Players" environment. However, we cannot vet everyone who joins the server. We try to advertise to the players we seek and believe our core playerbase to be.

- This server is clan friendly, however we do ask that if you are playing with your clan you try to: 

1. All be on the same team, ask an admin for a team swap if needed

2. Balance teams. If you have to play one team more than another, try to play attack as it typically requires more teamwork.

Ghosting will result in permanent bans. Just use common sense.

Seeding Rules:

 No crewman vehicles, mortars, killing logis, or digging down/proxying radios/HABS while we are seeding!

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