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Elite Gaming Corp [EGC]

EGC Thomas8manEGC Thomas8man Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Join one of the top ranked squad servers in the world!

EGC is looking for new members like you!

We are a Squad Community that was founded in November of 2020 and quickly climbed our way to rank #1 out of all Squad servers in the world.

> • EGC was founded by a group of friends who wanted a Squad Community that is inclusive to all gamers.

> • We currently have our New Player Friendly Server which have active admins and new map rotations every 2 weeks.

> • We offer weekly trainings and events (attendance is non-mandatory). Trainings cover topics such as how to use different kits, Squad leading/ Commanding, Heli Piloting, etc. Our events include different types of operations (one life events, story-based scenarios, modded, etc).

If you’re interested in becoming a member, head into our Discord discord.gg/EliteGamingCorp and fill out an application. EGC Membership Requirements

1. 18+ (exceptions on case-by-case basis)

2. Must have a clean record on our Squad Server

If you’re not sure EGC is for you come join our Discord anyway and have a look around and join a voice channel and come talk/play with us to get a feel for our community. We look forward to seeing you on our Discord and Squad servers

Discord link:


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