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[PSC] Pirus Squad Community

BurakkBurakk Member Posts: 0

Pirus Squad Community

In the beginning, we were a group of friends and we are tired because of the problems with the servers we play. After that, we decided to open a new server so we can have fun. We opened a new server named Pirus Squad Community on September 1. (Server name comes from Pyrrhic victory.)

Our server:

   [TR/EU] Pirus Squad Community

Our Communication Links:

   Discord: Discord.gg/UPpcRE2r2E

   Website: We are currently working on it.

Community Rules:

1- General Rules

   > 1.1. Be respectful and professional.

   > 1.2. Play fair and have fun.

2- Zero Tolerance Rules

   > 2.1. We do not tolerate POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS argumentation.

   > 2.2. No racism, homophobia, sexism, threats, hate speech, personal attacks.

   > 2.3. No DDoS, illegal activities (**** links, etc.), hacks, exploits, bugs, or police threats.

   > 2.4. No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content (i. e. Sexual content).

   > 2.5. No illegal content or discussions (e.g. drugs, violent crimes, gore, etc.).

   > 2.6. No harassment or any kind of bullying.

   > 2.7. No malicious links/files.

   In-game and general rules with have more details on our website.

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