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[20R] 20Renny's Blueberry Brawl | Central | AAS/RAAS

GrÜmÞŠGrÜmÞŠ Member Posts: 4 ★★
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About us

20R is a multi gaming community that has been amongst the squad community in its current iteration since December 2019, our members range from casual all the way to competitive and everywhere in between. We have good relations with a handful of competitive teams and play with/against them regularly.

The rules on our newest server are derived mainly from competitive squad rules with a few slight adjustments to tailor to some less serious gameplay.

Reports and Appeals are handled through our Discord - Discord.gg/20R

A ticket can be opened in #squad-support and an admin will be with you shortly.

The @squad role can be acquired via #react-for-roles and will grant access to the public squad vc

Discord Rules

1. Respect fellow members

-No verbal or any other form of abuse is tolerated.

2. No drama

-Starting arguments or any other toxic behaviour in or out of game

3. No discussion of politics or religion

-Try to keep your opinions to yourself

-This includes talking about political entities

4. No racism or discrimination of any kind

-We are all for inclusivity here, any kind of racism/discrimination will result in an instant ban

5. No NSFW content

-We want a clean discord and many users use this server while at work

6. Use the appropiate channels

-Such as advertising in self-promotion

7. No mic spamming

-Includes the use of soundboards when used too frequently

Server Rules

1. In order to be effective and win, you must play the objective. Whether this be fighting on the point, or taking out spawns and vehicles, what you are doing must be in the better interest of the team.

2. No cheating, ghosting, or exploiting. Ghosting includes sharing true or false info in all chat.

-Discretion will be used, sharing info that cannot be true will not result in any action.

3. No derogatory language

4. No advertising or recruiting.

5. Intentional or Retaliatory Teamkilling will result in your removal. All unintentional Teamkills must be met with an apology in all chat (Default key is J).

6. Use of soundboards is permitted unless asked to stop by anyone. Failure to comply will result in your removal.

7. Main Camping is ALLOWED and no admin action will be taken.

Squad Leader Rules:

8. SLs MUST make an active attempt to play an objective, complaints by multiple other squads may result in your removal.

9. Please be familiar with game mechanics if you are going to lead a squad.

10. SLs MUST have a microphone, be actively using it and speak english.

11. SLs MUST use a squad Leader Kit

12. SLs are free to kick anyone from their squad for any reason outside of the confines of what is considered trolling.

13. Do NOT create a squad if you do not plan on leading it. Squad baiting severely reduces the fluidity of the staging phase and may result in a perm ban.

Vehicle Rules:

15. Squads named after a specific vehicle and/or asset have claiming priority over such an asset and will have priority based on squad number.

15.a Such priority claim will only apply to one vehicle, and the squad with such claim must be available to utilize said vehicle within a reasonable timeframe.

16. Asset Wasting vics will always lead to a ban. You must make a reasonable attempt NOT to leave a vehicle abandoned, or waste an excess number of helis.

17. One manning vehicles that require crewmen is not allowed. Loss of any such improperly crewed vehicle may be seen as asset wasting and subject to a longer ban.

Seeding Rules:

18. Fight over the midpoint.

19. No building extra FOBs or any fortifications on the midpoint.

20. Do not push, attack or camp enemy HABs.

21. Do not use armed vehicles or emplacements until live.

22. Server is Live when announced via Admin Broadcast.


  • C-NugC-Nug Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Is this server BYODS (Bring Your Own Dipping Sauce)?

  • GrÜmÞŠGrÜmÞŠ Member Posts: 4 ★★
    edited September 2021

    We also strive for a very high tick rate compared to most servers as well as utilizing any and all QoL changes allowed by OWI. Currently that is mostly limited to extending the autoban for teamkills to 10 to reduce how often commanders get yeeted through no fault of their own.

    Happy Bombing!!!

  • TenzTenz Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    If the server is BYODS does that include maple syrup? If not, why? Please respond in a 5-8 paragraph argumentative style essay, 12 point Times New Roman font and double spaced, with a complete bibliography.

  • LennyLenny Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Can I join your comp team?

  • TheSmurfStrikerTheSmurfStriker Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    If you are looking for an amazing experience in Squad join this server. There is no other server that can match this maybe bell... oh nevermind they have gone bad so join this! For a better experience

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