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PSG - Press Start Gaming

PSG - IgnisPSG - Ignis Member Posts: 1 ★★

Reports and Appeals are handled through our Discord - discord.gg/psg

General Rules:

  1. Don't be disrespectful or disruptive to the experience of those around you. Don't play as Unassigned. WARN/KICK/BAN
  2. Be a team player and work with your Squad
  3. Racism or General verbal abuse. INSTANT BAN
  4. Apologize for teamkills in ALL CHAT. TKs will Result in WARN/BAN
  5. Cheating. INSTANT BAN
  6. Griefing, trolling or team sabotage. INSTANT BAN
  7. Spawn Camping IS allowed. No admin action will be taken.
  8. Abusing or wasting and Admin's time will result in a Ban.
  9. Use of third party or outside software to alter gameplay in an effort to gain an advantage is classified as cheating by PSG. **This includes BUT NOT LIMITED to programs to remove fog/foliage. This will result in a BAN from the server.
  10. Using political topics, politically charged usernames, etc. in our chat or playerbase is not allowed. **You will be asked to change your name or removed from the game if talking in chat with these topics given you do not stop. Warn/Kick/Ban

Squad Leading Rules:

  1. Squad Leaders MUST have a mic/SL kit. DISBAND SQUAD/BAN
  2. You can lock your Squad as long as you have 2 other Squad mates (1+2) **(Vehicle, Logistics and Admin squads are exempt from this rule). DISBAND SQUAD/BAN<
  3. Squad Baiting (creating a squad without the intention of leading it) 2 WEEK BAN
  4. Promote the learning/growth of new players who want to learn. Failure to do so will result in WARN/BAN

Vehicle Rules:

  1. Squads with names pertaining to a specific asset have priority over that asset. **For example, a squad named T-72 would get first dibs on one of the T-72s.
  2. The Squad created first gets first dibs on the asset.
  3. Only one vehicle may be claimed using this system per squad. **For example, a squad named "both T-72s" would get first dibs on one T-72 only.
  4. Vehicles that require a crewman kit must have at least 2 player with crewman roles. WARN/BAN
  5. Vehicle Squads should not be command squads. If you are a vic squad and command, your claim will be nullified and will not be enforceable.

Seeding Rules

  1. Fight over the middle objective only. If you control the objective DO NOT push past it.
  2. FOB/HAB must be placed on the objective right before the middle objective.

To report problems/Admin abuse with a specific server, players can email [email protected] with the following details:

-Name of the server

-Any evidence such as video, pictures etc

-Date and time of incident


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