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=SEALZ= Gaming - (We are Recruiting)

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 SEALZ started as a Ghost Recon Clan and was founded by =SEALZ=AssWhip in the early 2000s. Our community has grown throughout the years with members from around the world that support us. Many of our members are prior service or actively serving in the Military. Contractors, and Military Enthusiasts. We enjoy a wide range of games within our community from Arma, Escape from Tarkov and Star Citizen.  Our main focus is the game SQUAD, where communication and military tactics are key. We continue to grow with the support of existing members old and new.  

​Gamer Tag =SZ=

Be a Good Blue-Berry!

SEALZ Community

Squad Server Rules:


English is the Primary Language (All Players Welcomed)

Korean Translation Below English Version [한글 규정은 영문 규정 밑에 있습니다]

Japanese Translation Below Korean Version [以下の日本語訳]

English Rule has the interpretation priority above other language rules.

=SEALZ= Discord : Look for SealzGaming

Join =SEALZ= Steam Group on steam :

Ban Appeals and Contact an Admin can be found on our Discord.


****Interested in becoming a =SEALZ= Supporter and a Whitelisted Member.*****

| Go to #donation-links in DISCORD for more info! |

PayPal Accepted

Patreon.com / SealzGaming


| Discord is required, and basic etiquette is required when contacting =SEALZ= Members. |

|-- Join Discord to Report all Issues and to Appeal Bans --|

| You are a guest, informal or not, respect us and we will respect you. |

| So what are you waiting for? Join us and Squad up! |




  • Cheating/Hacking, Stream Sniping, Ghosting, Trolling, ect.
  • Derogatory Sexist and Racist Comments, Names, SL Title, Ect.
  • Arguing/Disrespecting Admins
  • Giving Information away to other Players/Teams . OPSEC
  • Intentionally Sabotaging friendly Assets to disrupt the game.
  • Ramming Helicopters and/or their Blades. (Friendly or Enemy)
  • Spamming of VoIP and Chats
  • Intentional/Mass Team Killing


ADMIN General:

ADMIN DECISIONS ARE FINAL. If you need to talk to an Admin or Appeal a Ban,  Join our Discord (In-game chat is not the place) 

  1. Admin/Clan Impersonation will Not Be Tolerated (Perma Ban)
  2. Listen to Admins Directions. 
  3. Arguing/Disrespecting Admins will not be tolerated.(Ban/Perm Ban)
  4. Admins have the discretion to (Warn/Kick/Ban).


NOTE: When reporting issues to admins, kicks are not a priority as you are able to rejoin the server immediately. When possible, we can attempt to discuss the situation in Discord if you feel you have been wronged. Be Respectful.


English is the Primary Language (All Players Welcomed). Please use English for Voice and Text. All conflicts should be handled as adults. If players cannot reach a resolution admins will.

2.1  The Basics

  1. Clan Recruiting Must Be Approved from SEALZ Staff..(Contact on our Discord)
  2. Derogatory, Sexist, and Racist Comments in text or vocal is Not Tolerated !! 
  3. Spamming of VoIP and Chats is Not Tolerated  
  4. NO MAIN CAMPING !! (See Main Camping)
  5. Vehicles Requiring Crew kits are considered Armor.
  6. No One Manning Vehicles that require Crew Kits.
  7. No Ramming Helicopters and/or their Blades  with other helicopters. (Friendly or Enemy)
  8. Squad Leaders can kick for any reason
  9. Unarmed kits are not allowed
  10. Unassigned and/or AFKs will be kicked

2.2  Team Killing

  1. Team Killing is Not Tolerated. [Acknowledge All Team Kills in “All Chat”]
  2. Intention/Retaliatory TKs is Not Tolerated and can Result in BAN
  3. Not acknowledging TKS in All Chat can result in a warn/Kick/Ban Admin Discretion
  4. Mass Team Killing will result in a Extended Ban

2.3  Streaming Rules:

  1. All streams must have 10 minute delays.
  2. Streamers are requested to let Admins know before streaming. (This helps us to monitor for Ghosting/Stream Sniping) Let us know through our Discord
  3. Discord Streams are exceptions: (No Delay available) Must not have anyone from the opposing team in the same channel as stream.
  4. Ghosting/Stream Sniping: giving information through any means is not tolerated. (Perma Ban)


Do Not Create a Squad, unless you have the intention to Lead the Squad.  Squad Leaders Play an Important Role in Communicating, Marking, Building Friendly Assets and Destroying Enemy Assets and directing their Squad and Fireteams to be an effective fighting force. Teamwork and Communication with other Squad Leaders is Key. 

  1. Squad Leaders are required to have MICs and SL Kits. 
  2. Squad Leaders are responsible for their vehicles approved by them. 
  3. No naming squads with any derogatory, sexist racist, titles (Disbanding of Squad/Ban for SL)
  4. Locked squads minimum of 4. With the exception of Commanders, Helicopters, Armor Squads, and Scout Cars.
  5. Named Squads with Heli and Armor, have priority with those Vehicles. (No Naming Squads Specific Armor Types such as T72 or BTR)
  6. If multiple squads are named Heli and Armor, Squad numbers will be used.  (Squad 1 Highest Priority|Squad 9 Least Priority)
  7. Work together if multiple Squads are named Heli/Armor. (Above Rules still apply)

Need Help Squad Leading? Come to our Discord for help, tactics and information.


Communication, coordination, and teamwork with other Squads is key to winning any battle. But, a team's vehicles are the most valuable asset of any game. Supplies need to be delivered, troops need to be deployed, and reconnaissance needs to be conducted.  And we can’t forget about the big guns, Armor.  Which can change the tide of war in your favor if used properly.

  1. Vehicles Requiring Crew kits are considered Armor.
  2. All Vehicle/Heli Operators are Recommended to have Mics.
  3. SLs are responsible for their vehicles approved by them.
  4. No Wasting, Destroying, or Abandoning Friendly Assets unless ordered to do so by SL.
  5. No One Manning Vehicles that require Crew Kits.
  6. No Crashing/Ramming Helicopters and their Blades!!!(Friendly or Enemy)
  7. Named Squads with Heli and Armor, have priority with those Vehicles.(No Naming Squads Specific Armor Types such as T72 or BTR)
  8. If multiple squads are named Heli or Armor, Squad numbers will be used. (Squad 1 Highest Priority|Squad 9 Least Priority)
  9. Priority is not the same as reserve. Armor priority takes place at the start of the match during the planning/staging phase, if armor squad 2 is at main after staging phase they can take any armor as long as squad 1 is not also present.
  10. Work together with multiple Squads named Heli/Armor. (Above Rules still apply)

NOTE: If your crewmember(s) disconnects, or is killed while repairing or dismounted, leaving you alone in the vehicle, disengage the fight immediately and return to the FOB or MAIN for replacement crewmember(s). If the vehicle is immobile, fight in place.  Whether or not it is possible to return to main is subject to an admins discretion.

COMMANDER RULES and Recommendations:

Don’t Volunteer for Commander unless you have the intention to lead.

Commanders must fulfil their role and direct the battle and use their assets given to them to be an effective fighting force. Communication and Teamwork is Key!!

  1. Toxic Commanders will be removed at Admin's discretion. (Don’t be a Dictator, Work together with others SL)
  2. Initial Commander(s) should be an Infantry SL to Command assets effectively. Vehicle/Heli squads cause naming Issues due to CMD SQD Name Changing, Armor/Heli SLs who take the Commander Asset lose their priority for Armor/Heli.
  3. Intentionally Mass Team Killing, Destroying, or Wasting Friendly Assets will result in a Perm Ban.



  1. Main Camping is defined as Positioning assets, at any distance, to destroy any enemy assets within 450m entering and leaving main. The 450m rule is a general rule, but is subject to discretion of the admin. The Only Exception to this rule is when the Points/Objectives are within that boundary.
  2. Mines can be no closer than 450m from the enemy's main for all maps EXCEPT Sumari for Sumari the closest distance is no closer than 300m (a FOB Creation Mark).

SEEDING RULES:(Player Counts Under 35)

  7.1  The Basic Rules Apply (Including Below)

  1. Play the Middle Points
  2. No Scouting for HAB/Point Placement/Locations past the middle point (We are Seeding)
  3. No HAB / Spawn Camping (Keep it fun)
  4. No Armor (Vehicles Requiring Crew Kits) 
  5. No Mortars
  6. No Ramming Helicopters and their Blades
  7. Admins will Broadcast “Server Live” message

 NOTE: “Server Live” Indicates all seeding restrictions have been lifted

7.2  RADIO AND HAB RULES (During Seeding)

  1. No Placing Radios/HABs on and or Past the Middle Point
  2. Place Radio and HABs outside of the points. (Don’t Place In known locations)
  3. Place Back-up Radios/HABs
  4. No Radio or HAB Destruction (Unless Directed by Admins)
  5. No HAB / Spawn Camping (Keep it fun)
  6. Place HABs on the back caps (Seeding HABs fall quick when we go live)
  7. If Radios/HABS are not within the rules they will be removed.

*  ONLY EXCEPTION to Armor/Vehicle Rules during seeding is on map Talil Outskirts Tanks

** Even Points/Objective Maps may have two middle points.  Can Fight over 2 middle, or designate one to fight over. (Admins may Direct which point)


Need Help or have questions? Come to our Discord for help, tactics and information.


Don’t Do dumb **** or you will get kicked !!

Have fun!!


Sealz Wants You

We are Recruiting

Becoming a Sealz Member is simple:

First, Join our Discord

​No forms or application process.


​What were looking for in our =SEALZ= Members



1. 21 years or older (Exceptions will only be made based on the Maturity of the Player.)

2. Respect for your Clan-mates and others, is EXPECTED for all members at all times.

3. Player Activity is a priority! (A Minimum of 4-6 battles per week is Required.)

4. Player must be reviewed on 'School House Day' for evaluation of basic competencies. 

5. Thick Skin is expected. You will more than likely get yelled at. We are adults here if you get into an argument let it end after the fact.

Our Process:

-We pick from our @Recruit Pool (FNG).

-Being active in Discord and In-game.

-Jump in a chat and let us get to know you.

-There is no time frame.

-When we feel you will be a good fit to the Clan and the community.

-Your Roles will be changed and you will be told to add your =SEALZ= tag.

Ask @Community Managers about scheduling your 'School House Day' for evaluations.

What are you waiting for??

Join up Now


Code of Conduct


Applies to all Visitors and Members

Administrators / Moderators / Server Admins Discretion

to Warn/Mute/Kick/Ban

Code of Conduct applies to all visitors and members of Sealz Gaming Servers, Websites, Forums, Discord, and other platforms that may not be listed.

Age Restriction:

Any on under the age of 13 should have you parent’s permission before joining. We recommend at least 18 years or older.

Respect others:

We are all here for a good time. 

-Treat everyone with respect, and keep the commenting and posting clean.  Sealz Gaming has many members in our community from all over the world. We strive to promote a clean, fun, atmosphere for players to come together. 

-We will not tolerate derogatory or racist comments/postings. If we deem the content to be inappropriate material, for any of our sites we own and/or manage. Sealz Gaming reserve the right to remove the content, and take appropriate steps to enforce our policy's against the offending user. This could result in a permanent ban from the Sealz Community based on the infraction.

Copyright /Trademark Infringement:

=SEALZ= Gaming and its members are not held liable for what you the user, post/comment on any of our server, discord, forum, or websites. The individual users are responsible what you post/comment. If any Copyright/Trademark material is found to be in violation of the creators copywrite/trademark. The content/posting will be removed. Any relevant information and material will be given at the creator’s request for use in prosecution. Please contact any Administrator for assistance.



Any spamming of content and/or post will not be tolerated.

  • Emoji spamming 
  • @mentions Spamming
  • Caps spamming
  • post spamming
  • invite spamming
  • link spamming

This includes posting and/or commenting that Administrators/Moderators may deem spamming. Multiply infraction will result in a Kick/Mute/Ban based on Administrator / Moderators discretion.

Sealz Gaming reserves the right to modify and update the Code of Conduct at anytime.

Effective: 9/9/2021

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