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[PH] Squad Philippines | Hosted by [RPP] Rally Point Pilipinas

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What's the story of [PH] Squad Philippines?

[PH] Squad Philippines is Southeast Asia's most popular server. We are home to a community that hosts not only Filipino tactical gamers, but also those from other regions and countries. It started as a risk I took back in October 2020 to give the Philippines its own Squad server after being server nomads for so long, and ended up being a whole community and brotherhood that kept it running to this day.

Today, Squad Philippines is now known as [RPP] Rally Point Pilipinas, as we started to cater to other tactical games and had the intention of bringing like-minded gamers together. Not only do we play Squad, but other similar games from the same genre are also part of the menu.

Why should you choose [RPP] Rally Point Pilipinas as your go-to community?

We had tons of meetings prior to transitioning into Rally Point Pilipinas. We decided on a Final Big Purpose, which is what we stand by and promote at [RPP]. Basically,

We bring together people who desire to have meaningful tactical-gaming experiences with teamwork-oriented Filipinos to play together, learn from each other, and discuss all things tactical gaming, so that we can (1) Consistently have high-quality games with high-quality gamers; (2) Develop communication and leadership skills, and; (3) Find friends and develop brotherhood with one another. 

Through this, Rally Point Pilipinas has had great success in promoting the tactical gaming genre in SEA and in the Philippines.

Our Squad Server Rules:

Our Squad server rules are quite long due to our concern for fair and fun gameplay. We have found that while many dislike how we run things, it has kept newbies retained through the community that we have forged the past year. After all, Squad's learning curve isn't for everyone, and why make extra-competitive and toxic gameplay part of a server based in a region where tactical gaming is still in its infancy.

Our rules are as follows:



1. Zero tolerance for Toxicity.

a.) Respect everyone, regardless of nationality, race, age,

or religion.

b.) No trolling.

c.) No bullying or harassment in any form, especially with

malicious intent (including but not limited to chat,

VOIP), against anyone or any community

(1) Includes but not limited to: trash talking, giving

out personal info without permission, inciting

toxicity, remarks of a racial, suicidal and/or

sexist nature, defamation, slander, ad hominem


(2) Sexual harassment is included.

2. Impersonating a member of a clan, and/or an admin will not be


3. Disrespecting or arguing with admins will not be tolerated.

(1) Willful noncompliance and/or disrespect of server

rules, and refusal to read server rules won’t be

tolerated (If you don’t like the rules, there are

other servers out there)

4. English will be the primary language. Other languages are

acceptable as long as other players understand, or in a

language agreed upon by other players in ingame chat and/or

voice comms.

5. No “Seeding Rules”.

a)“Seeding” will instead refer to solely populating the

server with little to no players. Other server rules

STILL APPLY per admin's discretion.

6. All offenses will be at admin’s discretion, and have final


7. Be helpful to new players.

8. Have fun!



1. Revealing strategical/tactical information to the other

faction in any form, intentionally.

2. Cheating/hacking, game exploitation, stream sniping,

ghosting, trolling.

a) To reduce the likelihood of stream sniping, streamers

are encouraged to add a stream delay.

3. Not playing the objective.

a) Especially when not ordered to by the Commander.

b) Especially when other SL do not come to an agreement.

c) The use of unarmed kits.


1. Team Killing is not tolerated.

a) Acknowledging/apologizing for your teamkills in All-Chat

is encouraged.

(1) Failure to acknowledge/apologize for team kill may

result in warn/kick/ban

b) Intentional or Retaliatory Teamkills (will result in


c) Mass teamkilling (will result in permanent ban).

(1) Some consideration may be given towards

unintentional teamkills, at admin’s discretion

(including but not limited to: Overpressure TK,

artillery TK, friendly landmine TK, backblast TK etc)

2. Intentionally sabotaging / wasting friendly assets

(FOBs,vehicles, weapons of any kind)

a) Including but not limited to: hijacking/stealing a

vehicle without the consent of the SL, or other SLs, or

other team members, intentionally taking it to the

middle of nowhere, especially not under orders

b) Firing weapons without purpose (small arms, explosives,

friendly emplacements, vehicle weapons), -whether in or

out of the main base, and especially when not ordered to

do so.

c) Especially during STAGING PHASE when team leaders need

clear comms for strategizing.

d) Intentionally placing fortifications and other FOB

assets for the sole purpose of disrupting friendly

movements (eg placing barbed wire around a friendly HAB,

especially without consent of SL/SLs or other team

members. If an SL is found to order this as such, it

will be admin’s discretion Destroying/undigging friendly

assets, especially without the consent of the SL, or

other SLs, or other team members.

(1) Digging/Destroying

Radio/FOB/Fortifications/Emplacements/Structures that are friendly with

the intention of disrupting the game

III. MAIN BASE CAMPING (Updated Aug 24, 2021)

1. Main Camping is defined as Positioning assets, at any distance, to destroy any enemy assets within 450m entering and leaving main. The 450m rule is a general rule, but is subject to discretion of the admin. The Only Exception to this rule is when the Points/Objectives are within that boundary.

2. Mines can be no closer than 450m from the enemy's main for all maps EXCEPT Sumari for Sumari the closest distance is no closer than 300m (a FOB Creation Mark).

3. Admin has the final say. Rule of thumb, If admin determines that there is no reasonable alternative pathway from main to the objectives, then it may be considered main camping or choking enemy main

4. Remember SQUAD is a Honor based game, The best moments in game is when EVERYONE is enjoying

themselves, WIN or LOSE.



1. Inappropriate use of Squad Names (including but not

limited to Political/Racist/Pornographic/Terrorism etc.).

2. Intentionally creating a squad but not leading it (For

kits, troll, etc.).

a) Some consideration may be given to SLs who

disconnected (lost connection, game crash),

otherwise, admin’s discretion.

3. Squad Leader not having a SQUAD LEADER KIT! (or Lead

Crewman/Lead Pilot).

a) If SL kit was passed unexpectedly (SL disconnected,

passed down), some consideration may be given to the

new SL, then it will be the admin's discretion to

either warn/kick/ban SL, and/or disband the squad.

b) Squads observed to not have a permanent SL (frequent

passing of SLs in the squad) is subject to admin’s

discretion to disband the squad.

4. Squad Member not having kits appropriate for the squad’s


a) Using UNARMED kits are BANNABLE.

b) (Some consideration may be given to people with

recruit kits due to his/her squad being disbanded,

otherwise, admin’s discretion).

5. Solo-locking squads during Battle Phase (minimum of 2).

a.) Exceptions: Logistics squads (Helos, trucks) and

candidate/actual CMD Squads.

(1) Candidate CMD squads who weren’t voted as CMDR MUST

unlock the squad.

b.) Exception: During Staging Phase, as consideration for SLs to invite players

(friends, clan members, etc.)

c.) Exception: Admins on duty, who will be doing admin work

primarily in Admin Cam.


1. Squad Leader/Commander MUST have a MICROPHONE.

2. All squad personnel MUST respond to comms at all times!

3. Abusing Assets and Tactical Support (is NOT tolerated).

a.) Intentionally Mass TKing a team or a base with

Friendly Assets/Fire Support with the intention of

disrupting the game



a.) Whoever gets inside the vehicle first, gets claim on

that vehicle. NOT by lowest squad number.

2. Squad Leaders are responsible for the vehicles approved by


3. One-manning vehicles requiring Crewman kits. Such vehicles

must have 2 players manning the crew seats (IFV, MBT, AFV

etc) at all times,

a) Leave main with at least 2 crewmembers. Leaving the main

base with less may result in warn/kick/ban

b) Some consideration may be given to vehicles whose

crewmembers died or disconnected

c) Helicopters CAN be one-manned by a Pilot kit.

4. Using vehicles as personal transport.

5. Leaving vehicles (Such as Logistic Truck,IFV,MBT,AFV etc.)

without the intention of reusing them (willful abandonment)

a) Especially into irrecoverable and inaccessible places

including but not limited to: deep water, and out-of-

bounds areas.

b) Especially anywhere on the map if the crew plans only to

abandon it, especially intentionally.

6. Ramming

a) Helicopter against helicopter/vehicle, regardless of

factions involved.

b) Vehicles against FRIENDLY vehicles/helicopters

(1) Exception: Ramming “stuck”/inoperable friendly

vehicles to get it unstuck, so long as there is

consent from the teammember(s) involved.


A. Discussing Political Affairs / Government & Institution

Issues Derogatory, sexist, and racist comments, including

those of sensitive topics like suicide.

B. Bullying / Harassing everyone.

C. Including giving out personal info, especially without


D. Spamming VoIP and/or chat

E. Especially during Staging Phase and End-of-round Phase.

(Remember that the SLs need to plan in Staging Phase!)

F. Posting NSFW links

Phew. That was a lot, but trust us, they have allowed new players to flourish and become more confident while playing on our server. Many actual step up to SL and CMD roles now, isn't that great?

We hope to see you on our server one day, and don't forget to say hi and have some banter with the admins! We would also appreciate that you join our discord at https://discord.io/rallypointpilipinas to get acquainted with our great community and support us in our adventures!

That's all folks, mabuhay from the Filipinos!

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