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[SoS] Squad on Sunday | New Player Friendly | ENG

MrZinxxMrZinxx Member Posts: 1 ★★

Squad Server Rules

General Rules

1. Squad Leaders must have a mic, speak English and should communicate with other SL’s in command chat. They must also use a command kit (SL, Medic, Vehicle Commander, Lead Pilot)

2. All vehicles requiring crewman must have at least 2 crewman in order to leave main. If you lose a crewman, you have a 10 minute one-man grace period until you need to abandon your vehicle.

3. Vehicles are first come first serve, even if your squad is called Armour.

4. No intentional team killing whatsoever. This means don’t kill the SL that kicked you from their squad, don’t kill your squad mates because they won’t listen to your commands and don’t kill the squad that won’t stop to pick you up in their Logi, there is just no excuse. Unintentional TK’s happen, but please apologise in ALL chat.

5. No locked 1 man squads, with a sole exception for Logistics and Helicopter Pilots (you are heroes and you know it ;) )

6. All players must join a Squad and not remain unassigned or you will be kicked for AFK.

7. Vehicles and HABs are not to be used to camp the enemy main.

8. Please make an effort to involve new players in the game, everyone has to start somewhere, and we want this to be a great environment to do just that

9. We have a zero tolerance for toxicity, tensions can run high, but please refrain from letting it spill out into squad comms.

10. Please do not spam music during live gameplay. During the prepping stage, if your Squad Leader asks you stop playing music, please stop.

11. No ramming enemy helicopters intentionally.

Seeding Rules

1. The server will be in seeding mode until the game is above the 20 v 20 threshold

2. Only fight over the middle map objectives

3. No building whatsoever within 100m of the middle objective/s (This means you can fob on the objectives leading up to the middle objective/s) or on the opposing teams side of the map

4. No fob hunting, any abuse of fobs during seeding mode should be reported instead

5. Do not use mortars during Seeding

These seeding rules are in place to make sure people can actually enjoy seeding, so please adhere to them <3

Reporting Incidents and Admin Abuse

Reporting rule breaking and Squad Community Guideline Violations

If you wish to make a report about an incident on the Server, you can do so by creating a ticket in our discord We would appreciate if you had any evidence handy (Screenshots, Clips, Usernames AND/OR timestamps) so we can deal with your request as swiftly as possible.

Reporting Admin Abuse

If you feel like an Admin has abused their power on the server, you can do the following:

  • Create a ticket in the normal manner
  • Direct Message @Dracky#1010 or @MrZinxx#1214 on Discord with your report and evidence if you do not feel comfortable using the normal reporting platform
  • If you would prefer to contact OWI directly you can do so by emailing: [email protected]
  • Make sure to include the following:
    • The name of the server: [SoS] Squad on Sunday | New Player Friendly | ENG
    • Evidence of the allegation (Screenshots, Video Clips, Chat Logs .etc)
    • The date and time of the incident

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