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=WFT= We Fight Together [ENG][NL]

RobinLolligRobinLollig NetherlandsMember Posts: 1 ★★

=WFT=, Is a gaming community Founded in 2017.

We have a large presence in Squad ,Post scriptum & Arma 3.

In our community, we engage in Casual / Milsim gameplay. This means that Lone Wolfing is not allowed. But we are also not an army milsim clan. We love plug and play gameplay. That is why we collaborate and train on different tactics.

We have 4 discord servers and 2 clans in our community.

=WFT=, is een gaming community die is opgericht in 2017.

We zijn sterk vertegenwoordigd in Squad, Post scriptum & Arma 3.

In onze community houden we ons bezig met Casual / Milsim-gameplay. Dit betekent dat alleen rondrennen niet is toegestaan. Maar we zijn ook geen milsim-clan die het leger naadoet. We houden van plug-and-play-gameplay. Daarom werken we samen en trainen we op verschillende tactieken.

We hebben 4 Discord server en 2 clans in onze community.


  • Have fun
  • Play fair
  • Dutch/English only in server chat
  • Dutch/English in voice comms [ Squadleaders comms english ]
  • Share vehicles (first come first served, wait your turn)
  • Admins are present to enforce the server rules and their instructions must be obeyed.

Kick or warning can be given when!

  • Bad language
  • Disrespect
  • Glitching
  • Spamming
  • ING Name (Abusive or offensive names)
  • Team killing
  • Idle players (when server not seeding)
  • Players not in squads (for games that are squad based)
  • Players that have had multible warnings

Ban can be given when!

  • Ignoring warnings and kicks (continuing after multible warnings and/or a server kick)
  • Repeated bad language
  • Racism
  • Recruiting
  • Hacking
  • URL name or posting
  • Team killing


  • You must not engage targets whilst in any glitch
  • You must Suicide if caught in any glitch (Console key type “respawn”)


  • 1 Locking INF squads is allowed when your squads has more than 4 soldiers inside.
  • 2 Squad Leaders must, and all other players are strongly encouraged to have a working microphone.
  • 3 Work as a team. Follow orders. Play the objective.
  • 4 Keep teams balanced
  • 5 Do not waste your teams assets
  • 6 Return unwanted vehicles to main Base (especially supply trucks)
  • 7 Use vehicles as intended (not as personal Taxis)
  • 8 Single manning of armed vehicles is not allowed
  • 9 Do not share intel/info with enemy team

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