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[BR1] BR1 Gaming



BR1 Gaming (The Big Red One) is a tactical, mil-sim-focused gaming community founded in February 2021 that combines real-life and in-game experience, knowledge, & professionalism to bring an efficient, entertaining, and enjoyable experience to its members and individuals on our servers. We aim to stay true to our motto, "Transparency and Truth", to make a positive and indelible impact on the tactical mil-sim gaming scene for both new and seasoned players. 


[BR1] BR1 Gaming - |RAAS and INVASION| 

Discord Rules: 

RULE 1 - Act with common sense in all that you do. (i.e. If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother in church, don't say it here.) 

RULE 2 - Treat others fairly and with respect! 

RULE 3 - No toxic, racist, threatening or derogatory language. 

RULE 4 - Do not post any obscene or gory real-life images. 

RULE 5 - No community drama. 



Squad Server Rules: 

RULE 1 - No toxic, racist, offensive, or derogatory language (this includes squad names, in-game names). 

RULE 2 - Primary communication for SLs and CMDR must be in English. 

RULE 3 - SLs and CMDR must contribute to the team; which includes having a mic and SL kit. 

RULE 4 - Keep (ALL) text chat to a minimum, don't spam voice or text channels. 

RULE 5 - SLs can kick members of their squad for any reason they choose; as long as the player is told why and done respectfully. 

RULE 6 - Only HELI may be locked with 1 member. 

RULE 7 - No locking INFANTRY squads with under 6 members. 

RULE 8 - ARMOR may be locked with 2 members. 

RULE 9 - NO SOLOING ground vehicles that require crewman kit (exception: exfiltrating with vehicle because crewmember died in battle). 

RULE 10 - MORTARS team may be locked with 3 members. 

RULE 11 - No vehicle hoarding; however, must respect designated squads (HELI, ARMOR named squads). 

RULE 12 - DO NOT intentionally team kill players, waste friendly assets, or abandon any vehicles. 

RULE 13 - No main base camping which includes firing into main/setting mines. (Must be 600 meters away, 300 meters when the cap is closer to main if possible) 

RULE 14 - Unassigned players have one minute to join a squad or create a squad. 

RULE 15 - Trolling that affects gameplay will result in a kick or ban. 

RULE 16 - Any sort of hacking or cheating will result in a permanent ban. 

RULE 17 - No advertising or foreign clan recruitment unless authorized. 

RULE 18 - Impersonating a [BR1] Member or using similar [BR1] Tags will result in a kick or ban. 

RULE 19 - Streamers are required to have an overlay to cover their maps while in game. 

RULE 20 - SEEDING - Server is LIVE at 15v15. 

RULE 21 - SEEDING - Fight over midcap point (only rallies may be placed there, no FOBs) 

RULE 22 - SEEDING - 2 HAB limit per side (placed before middle cap point). 

RULE 23 - SEEDING - No camping/destroying HABS until LIVE. 

RULE 24 - SEEDING - Logis/transports only AND no deployable weapons until LIVE. 


  • DeathByNinjaDeathByNinja Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    They were very friendly and they helped me out in learning what to do. I was very new at the game and they showed me the ropes and were never angry if I made a mistake

  • ALViperALViper Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    If I could I’d eat this server for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • MordridMordrid Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    BR1 servers are usually full of people and have active mods that keep the toxic stuff to a min. That goes for the other games servers they own and run too. Plus they are fairly open to running events for the games they support and in Squad they tend to be easy going when it comes to the maps they play or switching players so they can play with their friends. Would say go check their servers out for sure.

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